Custom-Designed Hot Shoes

March 26, 2019

Pre-Insulated Pipe Supports Custom Designed for High Temperature Pipelines at a Refinery in Louisiana

Type: Pre-Insulated Pipe Supports “Hot Shoes”
Size: 18″ Length | 16″ Dia. | 4″ Insulation
Material: A240 Gr. 304 L Stainless Steel | Firetemp®
Design: 25,000 lb. – 50,000 Load
Testing: Standard Q.C. Inspections

Piping Technology & Products, Inc. recently designed and manufactured pre-insulated pipe supports for a high-temperature pipeline at a refinery in Louisiana. The “hot shoes” are 16” diameter, include 4” of insulation and are 18” in length. They are fabricated from A240 Gr 304 L stainless steel and the insulation is Firetemp®. These hot shoes are custom designed to support loads from 25,000 lb. to 50,000 lb. at an operating temperature of 1,800°F. Standard tests were performed for a three-week rush job.

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Mechanical Snubbers Designed for an Industrial Chemical Plant in Brazil

March 11, 2019

Mechanical Snubbers Designed for an Industrial Chemical Plant in Brazil

Type: Mechanical Snubbers
Size: Length: 40-3/8” to 60-3/4″
Material: Carbon Steel | Hot-dipped Galvanized | Paint
Design: 1,000 lb.  – 6,000 Load | Stroke: 4″ – 5″

PT&P designed mechanical snubber assemblies for an industrial chemical plant in Brazil. This project included mechanical snubber assemblies along with, insulated, constant, variable, and structural supports. The operating load ratings are from 1,000 lb. to 6,000 lb., and lengths range from a 40-3/8” to 60-3/4″ pin to pin. The snubbers have a 4” to 5” of stroke. All the assemblies were designed with a carbon steel pipe extension pipe, transition plate, heavy hex nuts, and adapter brackets. The snubbers are hot-dipped galvanized and painted to protect against corrosion. Visual tests and pull test were performed.

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