Upcoming Webinar: Compact Spring Support

March 24, 2016

This webinar is over, view the recording at: pipingtech.com/resources/media/webinars/

PT&P partnered with Disc Spring Technology (DST) and is now manufacturing the compact spring support.

Disc SpringsThe Compact Spring Support Webinar will cover key objectives, background and leading industry problems related to process equipment nozzels (both rotating and non-rotating equipment). First we will review the challenges involved in design and analysis of piping with respect to process equipment nozzles. Secondly, we will discuss the types of chronic problems and failures related to process equipment nozzles and present (or introduce) the Compact Spring Support as a solution. During our discussion, we will explain why chronic problems with process equipment exist, describing current design practices as they relate to industry code standards and how the Compact Spring Support addresses these problems directly and effectively. And finally, we will take a quick look at DST technical data and sizing program.


Note: Time Zone is CST * Central Standard Time / GMT -5h