What can be attached to structural site components to support the vertical load of the pipe?

February 11, 2011

You can use a variety of components. The most common would be astructural welding lug or a welded beam attachment. Where welding is notpermitted you can use either beam clamps or bolted plate connections such asthe clevis plate Fig. 73 or single lug plate Fig. 74.

What is a clevis plate?

Our concrete clevis plate is a method for attaching a welded beam attachment to a concrete base in place of a structural steel base.

How do I inspect a spring support?

November 2, 2010

Use this 10-point operational integrity check list when inspecting spring supportsin the field:

  • Beam attachment
  • Beam attachment pin
  • Spring hanger attachment
  • Load flange movement
  • Spring coil corrosion
  • Check load indication for hot load
  • Note load deviations
  • Turnbuckle/locknuts
  • Threaded rod/weldless eye, hex nuts
  • Pipe clamp attachment pin
For more information, or assistance with accomplishing this check-list in the field, please see our field services page.
Corroded Variable Spring Support
Corroded Variable Spring Support