Bulletproof Protection Shield (Critical Defense Product)

May 23, 2018

Bulletproof Protection Shield (Critical Defense Product)

  • Cost effective and easy to move
  • Compact function for storing
  • Minimal set-up for convenient access
  • Includes bulletproof riot shields
  • No maintenance required

PT&P designed and fabricated a full coverage bulletproof shield for an company in Texas. This critical defense product is cost effective, easy to move, can compact to store, and is convenient to access in a moment’s notice. Each unit includes four bulletproof riot shields conveniently stored in the slots provided. We hope the need never arises; however, this safety product is suited for pubic spaces such as schools, churches, concerts, public events, government agencies and functions. The function allows it to cover a doorway providing safety to inhabitants, allows for mobility and to exit safely from a unforeseen situation.

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