Fabricated Duct Work Transition Pieces for Polyethylene Dust in a Chemical Plant

March 30, 2020


Fabricated Duct Work Transition Pieces for Polyethylene Dust in a Chemical Plant

Type: Duct Work Transition Pieces
Size: 10” NPS | 15″ Length | 13-1/2″ SQ Flange End
Material: Carbon Steel  | 3-Coat Paint System
Test: QC Inspections | 100% Dye-Penetrant Exam

Sweco Fab., a division of PT&P custom designed multiple duct work transition pieces for polyethylene dust at a chemical plant in Louisiana. The units are fabricated from carbon steel and include a 3- coat paint system on the outside, with a light grey finish. The dimensions are 15” length, 13-1/2” SQ flange end, and 10” NPS at the other end. Transition pieces are normally used to join duct work of dissimilar cross-sections and sizes. Media passing through the transition piece can be air, liquid, gasses, dust, dirt, chemicals, etc. Prior to shipment, each of the units underwent quality control inspections including 100% dye-penetrant examination.

Can duct work include expansion joints?

August 7, 2013

Duct work assemblies can include fabricated elbows, tees,straight sections of duct work, fabric or metallic expansion joints and can berectangular or round.

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What is duct work?

Ducts are a series of sectioned tubes, which transfer either heated orcooled air from the furnace or air conditioner, throughout the building.

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What is a damper?

Dampers(type- louvers) are essentially an assembly of plates designed to control theventilation in duct work systems by keeping debris from traveling in them. We have fabricated Louver type dampers (butterfly,guillotine, radial vane, and diverter) in the shop for past projects.