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PT&P’s Robotic Welding Machine

September 26, 2017

Check out Piping Technology & Products robotic welding machine. It helps with PT&P’s product quality and processes.

Have a look into our new Expansion Joint Course

August 1, 2017

Expansion Joint Application and Design Course:

This course covers how to provide flexibility in the piping system by employing expansion joints to accommodate thermal expansion and contraction of sections of pipes or ducts.
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Fabric Expansion Joints Slideshow

March 13, 2017

U.S. Bellows Gimbal Expansion Joints

February 27, 2017

Single Expansion Joints Product Video

September 16, 2016

Universal Expansion Joints Product Video

July 1, 2016

Expansion Joints Overview Video

April 4, 2016

Recent Photos From the Shop

November 4, 1998
Stainless Steel Rectangular Expansion Joint
Stainless Steel Rectangular Expansion Joint for Machinery Exhaust Application
Gimbal Expansion Joint
Gimbal Expansion Joint
Hydraulic Snubbers
48" Stroke Hydraulic Snubbers
Roller Supports
X-Z Roller Supports for Big Ton Springs (20,000 lbs, 8" travel) for Pressure Vessels

PT&P Acquires U.S. Bellows, Inc.

September 1, 1997

In July of 1997, Piping Technology & Products, Inc. acquired U.S. Bellows, Inc. from Ketema Process Equipment in California. As a part of the purchase, PT&P acquired all U.S. Bellows manufacturing equipment, all design and technical software, and the company’s historical files. During the month of July, PT&P personnel worked hard to move the manufacturing equipment from California to Houston. As a part of the transition, former U.S. Bellows engineers conducted a one-week training session at PT&P’s facility in Houston.

U.S. Bellows, Inc. has been servicing the industry since the 1960s and has a long history as a reliable expansion joint manufacturer. U.S. Bellows, Inc. will now operate as a division of Piping Technology & Products from our facility in Houston. U.S. Bellows will continue to offer the same expertise in expansion joint design, production, and customer service that has always been the PT&P trademark.

PT&P acquired R.M. Engineered Products metal expansion joint business in 1995 and relocated that equipment to our 15 acre manufacturing facility in Houston, Texas. The R.M. Engineered Products equipment and the newly acquired U.S. Bellows operating machinery combine to make U.S. Bellows and Piping Technology & Products among the most capable expansion joint/metallic bellows manufacturers in the world.

PT&P Aids in the Construction of a New Petro-Chemical Facility

November 7, 1993
PT&P Aids in the Construction of a New Petro-Chemical Facility
PT&P Aids in the Construction of a New Petro-Chemical Facility

The photograph above shows construction site of a new petro-chemical facility near Houston, Texas. Pipe supports supplied by Piping Technology & Products, Inc., including variable spring supports, are shown in the foreground. Piping Technology & Products, Inc. fabricates expansion joints, hot and cold shoes and other items to specification for the piping industry.

Piping Technologies & Products, Inc. has a highly qualified engineering staff to meet the most critical requirements of the industry.

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