When do you use a linked eye rod?

February 23, 2011

Linked eye rods are primarily used in rod hanger assemblies where lateralor axial pipe movement must be accommodated.

Linked Eye Rods
Linked Eye Rod

When do you use the u-bolt to guide the pipe?

November 2, 2010

U-bolts can be utilized as pipe guides when the horizontal forces are relatively small (usually 10% or less) compared with the anticipated vertical load.

U-Bolt Pipe Support Assembly
U-Bolt Pipe Support Assembly

How do I install a clevis?

When installing clevises, first you should disengage the pin connection of the clevis. Then align the clevis pin holes with the existing component. Place the pin through the holes of the clevis an component and place the lock in the pin.

Clevis and Pin Connected to a Rod
Clevis and Pin Connected to a Rod

How do I specify u-bolts for pipes?

In order to specify a u-bolt for pipes, you must provide the diameter of the pipe, the material, the tangent length, and either the load or thickness of the u-bolt rod.

Drawing of a Fig. 100 U-Bolt
Drawing of a Fig. 100 U-Bolt

What is an eye rod?

An eye rod is a hanger rod where the lower section consists of either a formed portion (to form an “eye”) of the rod or a welded pad (to form an “eye”) with a hole to attach to bolts or pins.

240 Welded Eye Rods for an Ammonia Plant
240 PT&P Figure 110 Welded Eye Rods

What does long tangent mean for u-bolts?

Long tangent refers to the length of the straight leg portion of the u-bolt which specifies the height of the u-bolt.

Long Tangent U-Bolt for Refinery
Long Tangent U-Bolts


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