How do I anchor a pipe to exterior brick?

June 16, 2011

The best way to anchor a pipe to exterior brick would be by utilizing a HD-1 anchor hold down clamp by bolting the support to the brick surface.

Hold Down Clamps for an Engineering and Construction Company
HD-1 Anchor

How do I clamp a pipe to a wall?

February 23, 2011

One method of clamping pipes to a wall would be to use the PTP HD-1 hold-down pipe support.

Anchor Type Hold-Down Pipe Clamp
Anchor Type Hold-Down Pipe Clamp

How does one mount a pipe to the floor?

February 10, 2011

There are numerous ways to mount a pipe to the floor including using u-bolts, hold-down pipe clamps, or pipe shoes. The most applicable of these options depends upon the use of the support whether it be as a load carrying member, guide or anchor.

Hold-Down Pipe Clamp pic
Hold-Down Pipe Clamp

What are hold-down clamps?

January 11, 2002

Hold-down pipe clamps are used in applications where you would like toeither 1.) anchor the pipe in position or 2.) permit axial movement of the pipe. Slide plates, such as PTFE, 25% glass filled or graphite, can be incorporated into the design to reduce the friction between the pipe and clamp.

Hold Down Clamp
Hold Down Clamp