How do you use riser clamps?

June 16, 2011

Riser clamps are a two point load bearing component and are usually used for vertical running pipe lines wherein shear lugs are welded to the pipe, the riser clamp top surface contacts the shear lug, and the load is transferred through the legs of the clamps to the support component such as a rigid rod, spring, etc.

Riser Clamp
Riser Clamp

How resistant to movement are pipe clamps?

March 28, 2011

When using pipe clamps as part of an anchoring assembly, the resistance to the pipe movement can be developed in two fashions. One way would be to apply sufficient bolt torque to the pipe clamps which produces a friction load which is adequate to suppress any of the associated pipe movement. Another way would be to use lugs welded onto the pipe outer diameter which would prevent pipe movement at the clamp location.

Custom Designed Pipe Clamp-Guides for an LNG facility in Algeria
Custom Designed Pipe Clamps fabricated for a 4″ Pipe Vertical Run

What is a pipe clamp?

February 1, 2011

A pipe clamp is a pipe attachment which clamps around the pipe to connect the pipe to the remainder of a pipe hanger assembly. Pipe clamps are recommended for the suspension of cold pipe lines and may or may not be insulated.

3 Piece Pipe Clamp
3 Piece Pipe Clamp

How is vertical piping suspended?

November 2, 2010

The most common method for supporting vertical piping would be to first weld shear lugs into position, and then utilize a riser clamp which straddles the pipe. The load is then transferred by the riser clamp’s load bolts through hanger rod connections to our supporting structure.

22 inch diameter riser clamps
22″ Diameter Riser Clamps