High-Temperature Pre-Insulated Pipe Supports Designed for 42″ Dia. Pipelines

February 2, 2021

High-Temperature Pre-Insulated Pipe Supports Designed for 42" Dia. Pipelines

Pre-Insulated pipe supports were designed for high-temperature service at an oil refinery for a client that specializes in the engineering and design of fired heaters, furnaces, pre-heaters, and heat recovery systems. These high-temperature pipe supports were fabricated from carbon steel and designed for pipe sizes ranging in 36” – 42” diameter and are not only used for new construction but also upgrades and revamps. The “hot shoes” were designed with the addition of “Spring Washers” (not shown here) to maintain consistent clamping force when the pipe expands and contracts. The insulation is 3″ thick and comprised of High-density Calcium Silicate (asbestos-free) structural inserts treated with water repellant. Standard quality tests were performed before shipment. Our hot shoes are used extensively in Refineries, Styrene Plants, Hydrogen Plants, LNG Facilities, Semiconductor Fabrication Facilities, and General Building Construction.

High Temperature Pre-Insulated Sliding Pipe Shoes

February 3, 2020


Pre-Insulated Sliding Pipe Shoes Designed with FRP Lining and Firetemp® Insulation for High-Temperature Pipelines

Type: Pre-Insulated Sliding Pipe Shoe | High-Temperatures
Size: 15″ Long | 4″ B.O.P. | 1-1/2″ – 3″ Dia.
Material: Firetemp® Insulation | HDG CS | SS on Polyethylene
Testing: Q.C. Inspection & Tests

PT&P custom designed pre-insulated sliding pipe shoes with FRP lining for high-temperature pipelines in Ohio. The “hot shoes” are 15” long, range in diameter from 1-1/2” to 3” and are designed for a B.O.P. of 4”. The shoes are designed with Firetemp® insulation for temperatures up to 1800°F. The supports are fabricated from carbon steel with a hot-dipped galvanized finish and include stainless on polyethylene slide plates. A visual inspection was performed prior to shipping.

Pre-Insulated Pipe Supports Custom Designed with 6” of High Density Insulation

August 5, 2019


29 Specially Designed High-Temperature Supports for a Power Plant in Arizona

Type: High Temperature Pipe Suports (Hot Shoes)
Size: 10” NPS x 6” Hot Insulation x 12” Long
Material: Carbon Steel with HDG finish | Casi & High Density Inserts
Design: 1200°F | 15,000 lb. Vertical | 6,245 lb. Axial

These pre-insulated high-temperature pipe supports were designed and fabricated for a 10” diameter high-temperature pipeline at a power plant in Arizona. The supports are fabricated from carbon steel with HDG finish and include casi & high-density inserts. They are designed to guide pipes that may reach up to 1200°F, high loads of up to 15,000 lb. vertical and 6,245 lb. axial. There were twenty-nine total “hot shoes” ranging in different designs. The “grooves” in the insulation are for steam tracing. Steam tracing is heat tracing performed by circulating steam around process pipes to heat them. The shoe assemblies are comprised of the four guides on the shoe and adjustable stops. They are designed to account for lateral, vertical, and axial movement. Dimensions for the supports pictured are 10” NPS x 6” thick insulation x 12” long base. Standard tests and Q.C. inspections were performed before shipping.

Custom High Temperature Pipe Supports for a Granular Activated Carbon Manufacturing Plant

January 30, 2012

Custom High Temperature Pipe Supports for a Granular Activated Carbon Manufacturing Plant
These high temperature pipe supports have a 25″ outside diameter, and were custom designed for a granular activated carbon manufacturing plant in Hawaii. They are fabricated from A-36 carbon steel with 10″ thick high density calcium silicate insulation. The hot shoes were designed for a 4″ diameter pipe-line, temperatures up to 1,800°F and an operating load of 1,000 lb. Standard Q.C. and dimensional tests were performed prior to an expedited shipment.

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84" Pre-Insulated Pipe Support for High Temperatures

September 24, 2008
84" Pre-Insulated Pipe Support for High Temperatures
84" Pre-Insulated Pipe Support for High Temperatures
84" Pre-Insulated Pipe Support for High Temperatures
Preparing the Hot Shoe Insulation

Designed for a pipe size of 84″, this pre-insulated pipe support is able to withstand temperatures up to 1,220ºF. It is a wide base sliding hot shoe with up to 2″ of axial travel and 3″ of lateral travel. It can support loads up to 33,721 lb. and the support itself weighs approximately 1,900 lb. This high temperature pre-insulated pipe support will be utilized in a styrene plant.

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