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September 2, 2015

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Pre-Insulated Pipe Supports

This presentation will cover Pre-Insulated Pipe Supports, including pipe insulation products for both cryogenic and heat applications. Learn about the different types of insulation materials and get the inside scoop on our cold shoe design. Explore how Polyurethane foam is produced, from mixing polyols and isocyanates to inspecting the final product. Learn about anchor shoe testing, lateral load testing, compressive strength testing, and axial load testing.

The featured presenter, David Baker has over 12 years experience with pre-insulated pipe supports, on-site surveys, inspections, Installation and Maintenance. He is also the manager of PT&P’s Field Service division and our in-house consultant for pre-insulated pipe supports.

25-7/8″ Diameter High Temperature Supports for a Rush Job

November 17, 2009
25-7/8″ Diameter High Temperature Supports for a Rush Job
25-7/8″ Diameter High Temperature Supports for a Rush Job

PT&P fabricated hot shoes with an insulation thickness of 2 ½” and a pipe size of 20″. The supports are fabricated from carbon steel with a red oxide finish and calcium silicate insulation. They are capable of loads up to 3400 lb. and temperatures ranging from 40°F to 1200°F. PT&P completed delivery for this rush job within two weeks.

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