Hold-Down Clamps for a Waste Disposal Facility

September 4, 2021

Hold-Down Pipe Clamps for a 20" Pipeline at a Waste Disposal Facility

These hold-down pipe clamp assemblies are specially fabricated and include wedges with 25% glass-filled PTFE to absorb vibration and also serve as a buffer between the steel pipe and pipe support. Vibration can occur in Power, Solar, Biofuels, and Chemical plants because of flow-induced and/or acoustic-induced vibration due to the flow of fluids or gas/steam through the piping system. Similarly, vibration can occur in pipelines near rotating equipment such as reciprocating pumps and compressors resulting in pulsations or mechanical forces that can occur in both onshore or offshore production facilities. Vibration can be strong enough to cause premature failure or cracks resulting in unplanned shutdowns. These units shown in the photograph are custom-designed for pipe sizes up to 20″ in diameter and temperatures up to 200°F and can be adjusted to accommodate a range of heights for the T.O.S to the B.O.P. They are 21″ wide x 26″ long x 23″ high and are proven to greatly reduce vibration to acceptable levels. These hold-down pipe clamps are fabricated utilizing A 36 carbon steel plate and A 307 Gr. All-threaded rods. All components were hot-dipped galvanized and a quality control inspection was performed before shipment.

Hold-Down Pipe Clamps with Slide Plates for LNG Service

October 19, 2018

HD-2 Hold-Down Pipe Clamps with PTFE Slide Plates Designed for an LNG Plant in Australia

Type: Hold-Down Pipe Clamps
Size: 8″ Dia. Pipe
Material: Carbon Steel | HDG
Design: Up to 400°F Temperatures

PT&P designed and manufactured standard HD-2 hold-down pipe clamps for an LNG plant in Australia. They are fabricated from hot-dipped galvanized carbon steel and include PTFE slide plates. The hold-downs are designed for 8″ diameter pipe and an operating temperature up to 400°F. The HD-2 is a restraint type hold down which allows axial movement while restraining lateral movement.

1,328 Hold-Down Pipe Clamp Supports Designed for Insulated Pulsating Gas Pipelines

April 20, 2014

1,328 Hold-Down Pipe Clamp Supports Designed for Insulated Pulsating Gas Pipelines

PT&P fabricated 1,328 hold-down pipe clamp assemblies for insulated pulsating gas pipelines. They are fabricated from carbon steel and designed with PTFE slide plates and kinetics-vibroisolating pads. The hold-downs are designed for 2″ to 8″ diameter pipes and operating temperatures ranging from -20°F to 750°F.