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PTFE Slide Plate Inspection and Maintenance

October 9, 2017

Follow these steps when inspecting and maintaining PTFE slide plates.

1. Inspect welds between backing plate and bottom of the saddle
2. Inspect adhesion of the PTFE slide plate
3. Inspect welds of the base plate of the bottom slide plate between the structural steel
4. Make sure you have a clean surface between the upper and lower slide plates

Slide Plates & Pipe Rollers in the Fight Against Friction

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Slide Plate Assemblies with Marinite® Insulation and Vibration Pads

October 20, 2009
Slide Plate Assemblies with Marinite® Insulation and Vibration Pads
Slide Plate Assemblies with Marinite® Insulation and Vibration Pads

The slide plate assemblies were fabricated from a combination of stainless steel for the low-friction sliding surface and 2-3/4″ Marinite® insulation to isolate the higher temperatures. A fabric reinforced isolator pad was placed between the slide plate and the I-beam for vibration control. The slide plates were tested for both load and heat transfer and will be utilized in a chemical plant.

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