14” Diameter Pipe Shoe Assemblies for a Refining Project in Saudi Arabia

July 11, 2016

14” Diameter Pipe Clamp Assemblies Designed and Manufactured by PT&P for a Refining Project in Saudi Arabia

Piping Technologies & Products fabricated these special designed Split-T pipe shoes using a Figure 50 “two-bolt pipe clamp” for a refining project in Saudi Arabia.  The pipe shoes are 4″ height x 15.5″ wide x 18″ long and were fabricated from A36 carbon steel with a hot-dipped galvanized finish.  They are designed for a pipe size of 14″ with an operating temperature from -29°C to 316°C. The pipe shoes are capable of supporting an operating load of 34,000 lb.

What is a pipe guide?

February 11, 2011

A pipe guide can be categorized into two types. The first is as a shoesupport attached directly to the pipe with external components which direct thepipe during the thermal deflection cycle. The second type of guide surroundsthe pipe and is attached to stationary structures, allowing the pipe to move.

Pipe Guide with Slide Plates
Pipe Guide with Slide Plates

What is a cold shoe?

A cold shoe refers to a support component which incorporates an insulating material that attaches directly to the pipe and also functions as a load bearing component transferring the load to a point outside of the insulating enclosure.

Cryogenic Supports with Permali Insulation for an LNG Plant in Abu Dhabi
Cryogenic Supports (Cold Shoes) with Permali Insulation

How does one mount a pipe to the floor?

February 10, 2011

There are numerous ways to mount a pipe to the floor including using u-bolts, hold-down pipe clamps, or pipe shoes. The most applicable of these options depends upon the use of the support whether it be as a load carrying member, guide or anchor.

Hold-Down Pipe Clamp pic
Hold-Down Pipe Clamp

Why use pipe shoes on un-insulated lines?

November 2, 2010

You can utilize pipe shoes on un-insulated lines simply to support the pipe or transfer the pipe load to other support components.

Permali Cold Shoes for Carbon Steel Pipe
Permali Cold Shoes for Carbon Steel Pipe

September 2005 News

September 4, 2005

New Patent for a High Temperature Support for Insulated Pipes
PT&P has developed a high capacity support for insulated pipes which does not rely on the insulation to carry any of the load. The design has several advantages over previous designs:

Pipe Shoe
Pipe Shoe
  • Since the insulation does not carry any mechanical load, it can be chosen solely on the basis of its thermal properties. In particular, cyclic loading, which has caused insulation failure, is not a problem.
  • The support provides effective restraint for all six possible components of loads, X, Y, Z-Rotational and Translational. In particular, axial and torsional loads are readily accommodated. These represent difficulties for supports which rely on the insulation.
  • It is easily installed in the field. It is attached to the pipe with a standard bolted pipe clamp. Thus there is no field welding.

The support consists of a shoe, similar to the PT&P Fig. 4500 Insulated Shoe Support for Hot Pipe (Hot Shoe) and two clamps, similar to the PT&P Fig. 50 Light Two Bolt Pipe Clamp. Each clamp is attached to the shoe by a steel plate which is designed to carry the design load, and is shape optimized to minimize heat flow from the pipe.

Failed Pipe Shoes