What does insulation for shoes look like?

How many types of insulation do you provide?

February 1, 2011

We providea variety of insulation materials including Micarta, G10, Permali, CalciumSilicate, Firetemp, FRP and Polyurethane. These materials are used for eitherhigh temperature or low temperature pipe supports. They serve a variety ofapplications, loads and temperatures.

Permali Lining for Cold Shoes
Permali Lining for Cold Shoes

What is the density of polyurethane?

November 2, 2010

At Piping Technology & Products, the density of the polyurethane that we offer 10 lb./cubic ft., 15 lb./cubic ft. and 20 lb./cubic ft. and 32 lb./cubic ft.

Stock Polyurethane Foam
Stock Polyurethane Foam

How do you size saddles for pipe insulation?

The pipe saddle size will be dependent upon the pipe diameter and the thickness of the insulation.

42 inch large bore pipe saddles
42″ Large Bore Pipe Saddles