108" Dia. Storage Tank and Containment Tank Designed for a Chemical Plant in Texas

January 11, 2015


Sweco Fab., a division of PT&P, designed and fabricated this 108″ diameter storage tank that will be submerged inside a containment tank for a chemical plant in Texas. The storage tank is fabricated from 1/2″ thick SA516-70 carbon steel and is 240″ in length. The containment water tank measures 295″ L x 124″ W x 128″ H. The storage tank is designed for 100 PSIG at 130°F internally and 15 PSIG at 130°F externally. The storage tank was hydro tested for 1 hour at 150 PSI and a full radiography test was done prior to shipment.

42" Dia. Stainless Steel Storage Tank

July 21, 2013

42" Dia. Stainless Steel Storage Tank
Sweco Fab. designed and fabricated storage tanks from 1/4″ thick ASTM A240 grade 304 stainless steel. The tanks are 42″ in diameter, 72″ in overall length and 39-7/8″ in height. The legs are fabricated from SA36 carbon steel. They are designed for 1 PSIG and ambient temperatures. The storage tanks were hydro tested and leak tested for 8 hours prior to shipment.