July 2008 News

July 17, 2008

We are now hosting Webinars regarding products and services by Piping Technology & Products, Inc. and our wholly owned subsidiaries:

  • U.S. Bellows, Inc.
  • Sweco Fab, Inc.
  • Pipe Shields, Inc.
  • Anchor Darling, Ent.

Collectively we offer: Expansion Joints, Variable Spring Hangers, Constant Supports, Big Tons, Snubbers, Sway Braces, Sway Struts, Pipe Hanger Hardware, Clamps, Rods, Slide Bearing Plates, Misc. Steel Fabrication, ASME Code Pressure Vessels, Fabricated Pipe Shoes, Guides, Anchors, Instrument Supports, Pipeline “Pigs”, Launchers/Receivers, Insulated Shoes/Supports-Hot/Cold, Hold-down Clamps, “High Temp” Furnace Bags, Anchor Bolts/Embeds, Bellmouth Reducers, Inspection, Analysis, or Training Services, Field Service and Stress Analysis/Product Testing.

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February 2008 News

February 20, 2008

PT&P’s Technical Information is Now Easier to Browse

Information on Products/Services:
Expansion Joints and Bellows
Fatigue Testing and FEA Analysis
Inspection and Maintenance
Vibration Controls
Engineered Pipe Supports
Slide Bearing Plates
Fabricated Pipe Shoes and Anchors
Organized by Product/Service Category
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August 2001 News

August 15, 2001

Breaking News: NEW pipingtech.com

On August 06, 2001, PT&P launched its new website. pipingtech.com now has a new design and structure.  We hope you will find it simpler and more intuitive to find what you are searching for. Browse through its many pages and explore the new features that we have added:


  • Menu bar with mouse over features. Allows you to view the different categories under that section before you click on it.
  • In the news side menu bar- Allows you to view and select PT&P’s current press releases
  • A new products section that is categorized by type of product.
  • Product testing section – Describes the type of testing we do, the procedure and its purpose
  • Highlights section – Highlights upcoming events, stories, additions, etc.
  • Emergency/Quick Turn Request Form
  • Easily accessible catalog request form

Information Technology: PT&P Faces the Future

September 3, 1995

1994 has been marked by many new developments in the expanding field of electronic data interchange. Computer upgrades, improved drafting and engineering software, and an electronic network connecting all of PT&P’s computers all contribute to our advance into the future. Look on the Technical page for an example of computer-generated finite element analyses we produce to aid in stress analysis of our product line.

PT&P published a new catalog last winter, and plans are also underway for converting the catalog data to CD-ROM for our forthcoming Electronic Catalog. Piping Technology recognizes the vital importance of high-tech information transfer capability, and it is for this reason that we are looking to make our catalogs and other company information available to our customers who have updated their own electronic capabilities. You can now reach PT&P on the Internet! Our World-Wide Web home page can be found at https://pipingtech.com. Also, we can receive E-Mail at info@pipingtech.com. We are asking all of our customers with electronic mail capabilities to send us their e-mail addresses so we can begin compiling our Internet database.

Our adaptation to the latest computerized business tools is yet another testament to PT&P’s flexibility and desire to remain up-to-date with the latest technology in our field. Look for our new catalog, the upcoming PT&P CD-ROM, and the many other advances in electronic data interchange soon to be implemented at Piping Technology. Join us in the future of design, engineering and communications!