Single Expansion Joint

A flexible piping element that consists of one corrugated bellows and accompanying end connections. Primary motion axial.

Single expansion joints are the most common and simple type of expansion joint designed and manufactured by U.S. Bellows, Inc., a division of PT&P. This type of expansion joint is a single bellows element with end connections known as flanges and ranges in size and materials. Our standard bellows range from 3” to 156” in diameter; however, we can provide any diameter your application specifies. Single expansion joints will deflect the movement in any direction or plane the bellows element allows. This style of bellows will not resist deflections except for the resistance of the bellows and requires the piping to be restrained or controlled by main/directional anchors.

U.S. Bellows has been providing expansion joints since the 1960s and was acquired by PT&P in 1997. PT&P is uniquely positioned to service expansion joints as we are the only bellows manufacturer globally with deep pipe stress engineering expertise who manufactures expansion joints and engineered pipe supports. With our unique engineering expertise in expansion joints, pipe stress, and engineered pipe supports, PT&P/US Bellows has developed hundreds of custom designs for unique customer requirements. Lastly, PT&P/U.S. Bellows is one of only 14 global members of the Expansion Joint Manufacturer’s Association, which sets the standards for expansion joint engineering.

Choosing an experienced bellows manufacturer will reduce your plant shutdowns and service outages, along with simplifying at least one part of your overall project.

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