Compact Spring Supports

PT&P partnered with Disc Spring Technology (DST) and is now manufacturing the compact spring support. Resolve your overloaded pump/ heat exchanger/ vessel nozzle loads with the DST Compact Spring Support. The DST Compact Spring Support is specifically designed to relieve excess loading on process equipment.

Benefits: Minimizes excessive loads on sensitive equipment, same load for smaller working range (25-50% less space), ideal for locating under equipment flanges & reduces design time, maintenance cost and accidents.


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    DST Contacts


    Klaus P. Redmann

    Director of Quality

    (509) 554-0578

    Bart Makadia

    Bart V. Makadia

    Engineering Director

    (503) 806-2782


    James O. Taylor

    Director of Fabrciation

    (301) 676-8889


    Kirk V. Leonardi

    Director of Design & Research

    (509) 554-7167