Insulated Supports (Figures 4500 – 4800)

Insulated pipe supports are designed to prevent direct heat transfer between pipes and their supports. Thus, they reduce heat loss due to conduction at each support. They serve the following purposes: Carry the load and allow necessary movement at each suppose point, provide insulation in the support area where the regular pipe insulation cannot be installed and minimize the cost of field installation by reducing installation time. The supports are not welded to the pipe and each unit is shipped completely assembled (except for the riser supports and anchor supports, both of which require some welding). View Product Information

Pipe Shields Pre-Insulated Pipe Supports (A1000 – G3000)

Pipe Shields Inc. is a leading designer and manufacturer of a unique line of pre-insulated pipe supports, slides, guides and anchors. Pipe Shields insulated supports incorporate materials strong enough to carry the load while insulating the pipe at the same time. View Product Information

Cryogenic Pipe Supports (Cold Shoes) (CS-1000 – CS-6080)

A cold shoe is a pipe support used for cryogenic applications where the transfer of cold temps from the pipeline to the surrounding steel pipe rack is not desirable. These supports can be used for temperatures down to -300˚ Fahrenheit. View Product Information

High Temperature Supports (Hot Shoes) (HS-1000 – HS-6060)

A hot shoe is a pipe support used for high temperature applications, such as high pressure steam lines or boiler feed water, where heat loss through the pipe support is not desirable. These supports can be used for temperatures up to 1400˚ Fahrenheit. View Product Information

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