Galvanic Corrosion Solutions

PT&P has extensive experience in assisting our customers with galvanic corrosion (or contact corrosion) issues. 

Our portfolio of products that can assist with galvanic corrosion issues include:


TPI  – TPI is a thermoplastic material designed to sit between the pipe support and piping and minimize the point of contact.

Thermoplastic Isolator
TPI (Thermoplastic Isolator)

FRP  – Fiber Reinforced Plastic is pad designed to be glued to the pipe so that the pipe will not be directly in contact with the Pipe Support.  View the PT&P FRP product archives to see past projects supplying FRP.  

Pt&Amp;P Frp Wear Pads
PT&P FRP Wear Pads

Slide Plates – In some configurations, slide plates will minimize the contact between the Piping and Pipe Supports.  View the PT&P slide plate product archives to see past projects supplying a wide array of slide plates.

 Slide Plates
Various Styles of Slide Bearing Plates

Galvanic Corrosion Assessment

PT&P has extensive experience in assessing galvanic corrosion issues in piping systems. 

Our services include:

Product Selection Support– when you order products from PT&P, we include support on product selection as part of the order.  You can reach an expert from PT&P who can assist in providing a recommended product based on a description of the problem and additional information including pictures, Isometrics, and accelerometer data.