Pressure Vessels & Tanks

Sweco Fab, Inc., designs and fabricates different kinds of pressure vessels per ASME Sec. VIII, Div. I, and welded steel tanks per API codes. View Product Information

Orifice Plates & Flanges

Orifice plates can be manufactured in SS304, SS316, and all other grades of S.S., C.S. Brass, Monel 400, Alloy 20, Inconel 600, 625 and 718, Nickel 200, Hastelloy C276 & B-2, Titanium Gr.2 and Zirc. 702. View Product Information

Pig Launchers & Receivers

Launchers and receivers are pressure vessels used to introduce and remove pigs, spheres and inspection tools from the pipeline. View Product Information

Transition Pieces / Ductwork

Ductwork assemblies may include fabricated elbows, tees, and straight sections of ductwork, in carbon steel or stainless steel, and in diameters of 42" or larger. Transition pieces are normally used to join ductwork of dissimilar cross-sections and sizes. Media passing through the transition piece can be air, liquid, gasses, dust, dirt, chemicals, etc.. View Product Information

Bellmouth Reducers

Bellmouth Reducers are used in the cooling process of petrochemical refining. These reducers can range insize from 24" to 54", according to the size of the inlet piping. View Product Information

Conical Strainers

Sweco Fab, Inc. manufactures conical strainers per ANSI B31.3 and other codes. Line strainers, tee type strainers and perforated plates are also available. View Product Information

Dampers & Louvers

Dampers (also known as louvers) are essentially an assembly of plates designed to control the ventilation in duct work systems. Sweco Fab. can design and manufacture standard, heavy duty, manually operated or motor-driven dampers. View Product Information

Spectacle & Line Blinds

We offer a wide range of spectacle blinds, spacers and blanks manufacture to API standards and B31.3 specifications. We are capable of handling size ranges from 1" - 150 lbs class to 36" - 2500 lbs class.702. We also manufacture bleed rings and lateral joints also. View Product Information

Product of the Week Showcase

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