FRP Wear Pads

1. Clean pipe to remove scale, paint and other debris with Emery cloth to remove sheen.

2. Use solvent to MEK solvent to remove contamination and ensure that the area is clean and dry.

3. Wipe the inside of the FRP wear pad removing dust and debris

4. Use emery cloth to rough the interior to ensure that there is a good surface for the epoxy to bond.

Using An Emory Cloth To Rough The Interior Of Frp Pad

5. Apply a continuous bead of epoxy adhesive to the inside of the FRP wear pad.

Applying Epoxy Adhesive To Frp Pad

6. Firmly press pad in place rotating pad to spread the Epoxy out.

Firmly Press Frp Pad To Spread The Epoxy Out

7. Band FRP pad in place using band straps or ratchet straps.

Band Frp Pad In Place Using Straps

8. Apply a bead of epoxy around exterior edge of FRP wear pad to ensure a complete seal.

Apply Extra Expoxy Around The Frp Pad

9. Allow 4-6 hours for the Epoxy to harden, and then remove the straps.