Material Selection

Superior Design and Results through Material Science

PT&P has a unique perspective on the opportunity for its customers to customize to better meet business and operating objectives.  As the only major Global Player to manufacture Pipe Supports, Expansion Joints, and run an ASME stamped facility, PT&P has superior manufacturing skills to accommodate a wide variety of materials, such as Nickel-based Super Alloys, that are beyond the capability of other Pipe Support manufacturers.  In addition, PT&P is one of the very few Pipe Support manufacturers to have started as a Pipe Stress Engineering company.  As a result, we can also easily utilize FEA and Stress Analysis to fully design new solutions to optimize against design requires and even load test the solution in our production facility.  The table below gives a summary of just some of the materials that PT&P works with and cost/capability of these materials.

Cost Relative to
Yield Strength (Plate)
Corrosion Resistance
Chemical Resistance
Mfg Skill Level Required
Max Temperature
A36136 ksiLowLowHighLow650 - 750F
Painted A361.5 – 4.036 ksiLowLowHighLow650 - 750F
A36 Galvanized1.5 – 2.036 ksiMedLowHighLow450F
Domex 100XF2.5 – 4.0100 – 110 ksiLowLowMedMed650 – 750F
A387 Gr 11 or 222.5 – 3.0LowLowHighLow1200F
A387 Gr 9110 – 15LowLowHighLow1300F
A5143 – 5100 – 110 ksiLowLowVery LowHigh
SS304 no MTR2 – 331 ksiMedMedHighMed1250F
SS3044 – 631 ksiMedLow/MedHighMed1250F
SS3167 – 1242 ksiMedMedMedMed1400F
Hastelloy C27630 – 5090 – 115 ksiVery HighHighMedHigh800F
Inconel 62530 – 5060 – 110 ksiVery HighHighMedHigh1600F
Monel 40030 – 5030 – 75 ksiVery HighHighMedHigh800F
INCOLOY® 82530 – 5049.0 ksiVery HighHighMedHigh1000F
MicartaJune 10, 201965 ksiVery HighHighLow/MedMed275F
Acetal5 – 1011 ksiVery HighHighHighLow181F
Ultem20 – 4017 ksiVery HighHighHighLow340F
PEEK50 - 10016 ksiVery HighHighHighLow480F
MariniteMay 15, 20191 ksiVery HighHigh1000F
PermaliMay 10, 201930 ksiVery HighHigh212F

NOTE: Carbon Steel in Black, Stainless Steels in Brown, Super Alloys in Green, Other Materials in Blue

An example of advances in steel in which PT&P customers are not leveraging advances in high strength steel engineering and production.  Historically, high strength steel used manufacturing techniques such as quenching and tempering which led to higher yield strength at the cost of ductility and weldability.  This caused costs to manufacture with materials such as A514 to be far higher than A36.  Steel suppliers have responded by implementing more advanced manufacturing techniques and maintain much tighter control of molecular structures in order to achieve higher yield strength without a major loss of ductility and workability.  One of the major drivers of this has been the AHSS (Automotive High Strength Steel) 3.0 initiative.  For structural steel, this can be seen in products such as Domex 100XF which offer yield strength as much as 3 times greater than A36 while still maintaining good workability and weldability.

The following are examples of design objectives that can be improved via material optimization:
Common Choice
Upgrade Option
Low Cost + Corrosion ResistanceA36 GalvanizedSS304 no MTRSS304 w/o MTR is a small upgrade vs Galvanized
Large Load + Light Weight + Low CostA36Domex 100XFDomex 100XF offers 3x Yield Strength for 3x Price (vs A36) so weight savings can be cost effective
Max Corrosion ResistanceSS304Hastelloy or Other Super AlloyCustomers do not always realize that PT&P can customize utilizing Super Alloys as most Pipe Support manufacturers lack this capability
Large Load and Cryogenic TemperatureFoam/PermaliMicarta G10PT&P is the only Pipe Support Manufacturer with Deep Manufacturing Expertise in Micarta


The following are potential use cases for customization:
Off-Shore PlatformsReduced Size and WeightHigh Strength Steel
Furnace PenthouseReduced SizeHigh Strength Steel/Custom Design
Difficult to Access LocationsCorrosion Resistance and Low CostSS304 with no MTR


PT&P recommends that customers with requirements that might benefit from material optimization contact us to discuss the requirements and see if a more optimal solution can be created.