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Scope of Services

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Site Survey

For the site survey we will audit your supports on any of the lines that you point out to us and verify their condition. We will examine the spring supports — we will check the housings, coils, and all related hardware. We will mark each support as OK, Replace, or Adjust – in the case of variable and constant spring supports. Upon completion of the survey we will provide a report listing all of the supports and our recommendations. We will also provide you with a quotation for the supports that we recommend that you replace.

Stress Analysis and Design

We can provide pipe stress analysis and pipe support design as well using current modeling software.

Pipe Support Testing

We can come onto site and test your constant supports and variable supports.


PT&P is a complete and fully qualified manufacturer of pipe supports and hangers.  We have over 25 years of experience and are certain that we can meet any deadline that you need for the supports. Our quotation will include material and manufacturing costs, as well as the time frame for the supply of the recommended supports.


PT&P has over 10 years of experience in the installation of pipe supports and over 35 years of manufacturing experience. Our crews work safely and can install any of our supports. We have welders, technicians, engineers, and supervisors.


PT&P will provide qualified site management personnel to oversee the installation of the supports. The individual(s) will provide technical assistance to the contractor, as well as Client personnel.

Other resources for field services and maintenance

How to install and maintain:

Variable Spring Hangers
Slide Plates
Constant Spring Hangers
Pre-Insulated Supports
Vibration Control & Sway Braces
Big Ton Springs
Expansion Joints
FRP Wear Pads

Inspection Checklist — Hanger / Support Assemblies


Base Spring

In the inspection of spring hangers, we will:

  • search for signs of visual cracks, fractures, or corrosion of the spring casing and the following:
    (1)  beam attachment
    (2)  pin
    (3)  spring hanger attachment
    (4)  pipe clamp attachment
    (5)  weldless eye nut/clevis
    (6)  threaded rod
    (7)  turnbuckle
    (8)  nuts
    (9)  spring coil
    (10) position
  • check the turnbuckle (7) if present, lock nuts (8), and all other threaded items to ensure they are secured and fastened with full thread engagement
  • compare the position of the coil (10) with the hot/cold load indicator and operating range of the spring
  • check the mobility of the load column (11)


Inspection Checklist — Expansion Joints

Expansion Joint Bellows
  • check for signs of leakage or a loss of pressure
  • inspect for any distortion or yielding of anchors, hardware, bellows, and piping connection points
  • observe for any unanticipated movement of piping due to pressure
  • inspect for evidence of instability (squirm), distortion or damage in the bellows convolutions
  • check the expansion joint, the guides, and other moveable parts of the system for evidence of binding
  • check for misalignment of the expansion joint unit
  • check for vibration damage


Examples of Corroded Springs

Corroded Constants

Corroded Variable
Corroded Variable Spring Corroded Variable Spring Support


24/7 Emergency Services:

Click Here For Your Emergency Requests, Answered Within 30 Minutes.Piping Technology is available to help with any emergency service requests, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With a large inventory of stock components for pipe supports and expansion joints and a shop that runs 3 shifts around the clock, PT&P can quickly assemble and ship products for any situation.

E-mail us at or fill out our emergency service form. We’ll immediately be notified and a representative will call you back within 30 minutes to assist you. A response is guaranteed in the evenings and on weekends and holidays.


Case studies: PT&P Emergency Service 24×7 Hotline

Case Study #1

An Alaskan petroleum firm called upon the PT&P Field Service Team on a Friday evening to aid them in an immediate replacement of a defective 48″ dia. expansion joint.  The expansion joint was damaged during the plant startup when a G417 pump suddenly failed.  A replacement expansion joint was designed, manufactured, and shipped the next day.  It was installed at the customer’s location within 2 days of receiving the call.
Expansion Joint Expansion Joint Expansion Joint

Friday, 5:30pm: PT&P received an emergency call regarding a deformed 48″ expansion joint

Saturday: The replacement expansion joint is manufactured and ready for shipment.

Sunday: The new expansion joint is installed on-site.

Case Study #2

G-Can On a Friday evening, PT&P’s Field Service Team received an emergency call from a company located in Jamaica.  They requested for PT&P to inspect failing pipe supports near their steam turbine.

A PT&P field service representative arrived the next day to survey and inspect the system.  PT&P supplied and delivered two variable spring assemblies to Jamaica on the following Monday.

                Rusted G-can found on-site during inspection

More case studies….
Single Expansion Joint For Emergency Refurbishment Same Day Turn Around Service to Refurbish 8″ Single Expansion Joint G-Type Constant On A Rush Basis G-Type Constant Springs Needed on a Rush Basis Pre-Insulated Pipe Support On An Emergency Basis Pre-Insulated High Temperature Supports for Rush Job


Past Field Service Experience:

Piping Technology has been in business for over 35 years.  We have provided pipe supports for many major construction projects throughout the world.  Our Field Service Division has participated in site surveys, support inspection, support installation and expansion joint inspection and installation..

We have worked in the following countries:

Trinidad and Tobago: Bechtel, Wood Group, Atlantic LNG
U.S. Virgin Islands: Limetree Bay Energy
Kuwait:  Kuwait Power, Equate
Canada:    PetroCanada, Agrium, Hitachi Power, Alstom, Canaport LNG, Thorold Power, Inter Pipeline (Heartland PetroChemical Complex)
Dubai: Dubai Natural Gas
Italy: Alstom Engineering
Malaysia: Petronas
Mexico: Intergen, Vallaodolid, Condisa, Pemex, Energia Campeche
Singapore: Sembcorp, Exxon, Singapore Refining Company
United Kingdom:     Murco
United States:   Lyondell Houston Refinery, Shell Deer Park, Bechtel Sabine Pass, Aker Kvaerner Cameron LNG, Lyondell Equistar, Pasadena Refining, Calpine Corporation, Chevron Phillips, Huntsman Chemical, Dow, BP, Rhodia, Entergy, Exxon, Valero Refining, Conoco Phillips, Entergy, Black & Veatch West County, Alstom Power, Citgo, Duke Energy, Marathon, Shaw Cleco, Technip, Constellation Energy, Flint Hills Resources, Westlake Chemical, So Cal Edison, TC Energy, Luminant Power, Covestro, Panda Power, Holly Frontier, Aries Clean Energy, DynoNobel, Orion, Ascend Performance Materials, Oglethorpe Power, ODEC (Old Dominion Electric Cooperative)

All of our technicians, engineers and other site personnel are familiar with all of our product line and are qualified to work on pipe supports, variable assemblies, constant effort supports, expansion joints and snubbers that we manufacture or our competitors.  Please contact us if you have questions, and we will be able happy to assist you.

Installation & Maintenance Guidance:

Employee Inspecting A Spring In The Field.

  • quick lock out of variable and constant springs during shutdowns
  • retrofit supports to replace existing damaged supports
  • refurbish, repair, or replace damaged pipe supports, expansion joints, or hardware components
  • installation of field designed small bore supports
With an expertise in the installation and maintenance of various pipe support and expansion joint systems, PT&P’s Field Service Team is readily available to provide the following services:
  • guidance in the installation, maintenance, removal, or repair of any pipe support or expansion joint system
  • on-site consultations / training sessions
  • quick maintenance service during shutdowns / turnarounds
  • mobile trailer for drag testing, lock-up velocity testing, and bleed rate testing of hydraulic snubbers
Test Machine For Snubbers On Site Training
Test machine for mechanical and
hydraulic snubbers
On-site training in support identification
using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)
For more comprehensive assistance, PT&P’s Field Service Team is trained to perform installation and repair on-site:

  • quick lock out of variable and constant springs during shutdowns
  • retrofit supports to replace existing damaged supports
  • refurbish, repair, or replace damaged pipe supports, expansion joints, or hardware components
  • installation of field designed small bore supports
Installation Of Over 160 Pipes Shoes On-Site Assistance

Installation of over 160 pipe shoes for an
energy center in Oklahoma

On-site assistance for setting up a “lay down” yard

More Details on Field Survey & Inspection: Due to unanticipated changes in the operating conditions of a piping system, periodic inspection and regular maintenance is necessary to prevent unforeseen shut-downs and to optimize production.  During each inspection process, PT&P’s Field Service Team can:

  • thoroughly inspect the pipe support/expansion joint system
  • perform design audits
  • record digital images of existing problems
  • provide a detailed written assessment for preliminary findings and recommendations
  • perform stress analyses to verify design
  • assist in drawing regeneration or updates

Quality Assurance

Piping Technology & Products, Inc. follows stringent standards to ensure quality products and services for its customers.  PT&P is in compliance with the following codes and standards as applicable:

  • ASIA
  • ASME Section VIII
  • EJMA
  • MSS SP-58, SP-69
  • API 620
  • SQC Q-92
  • ICBO
  • Steel Structures Painting Council, Vol.1 & 2
  • ANSI B18.2.3
  • AWS D1.1
  • IFI-122
  • ANSI/ASME B31.1, B31.3
  • CAN3 Z299
  • ISO 8501-1, 9002
  • ASTM A36, A53, A120, A123, A125, A153, A307, A325, A446, C916, D1621, D1622, D1623