Service and Support

When you purchase products from PT&P, you get more than just the physical product.  PT&P was founded as a Pipe Stress Engineering company and we have deep expertise in the application of our products.  In addition, as the only Major Global Provider of Engineered Pipe Supports and Expansion Joints, we have a depth of knowledge that is unparalleled.  We routinely support customers ranging from Plant Maintenance to Global Pipe Stress Leads for Major EPCs.

The following is the support we provide with the product:

  • Advice on Product Selection and Customization – if you are unsure of the right solution or specification, you can ask us for advice on what is the right solution. In addition, if customization can save you time and money, we can help define the right customization.
  • Installation Support – Not only do we have an extensive library of videos on proper installation procedures, but we can also answer questions and give advice on unusual scenarios. With over 40 years of experience and 3M pipe supports and expansion joints in service, there is very little we have not seen.
  • Maintenance Support – We have performed over 1,000 inspections in 41 countries. This experience along with our deep knowledge of the engineering of the products allow us to be an invaluable resource if there are maintenance questions.


Service & Support Case Studies

  • Simplifying Spring Specification – we worked with a customer who was uncomfortable specifying variable springs. To make the process easy for the customer, we provided the quote directly from the CAESAR model they provided to us and made the rest of the specification from the elevation and attachment information that they provided.
  • Assessing Spring Can Maintenance – we worked with a long-time customer who was not sure of the cause of a Constant Spring being topped out in the hot position. The customer sent us pictures of the constant spring and we helped them assess issues that may be causing the problem (other than the spring being broken):
    1. Elevation Change – in this case, the elevation had been changed from initial installation
    2. Equipment Changes – the customer was not sure but thought there might have been new equipment on the line
    3. Broken Springs – in this case, there were no other broken springs on the line

We advised the customer on how to test which issue may be causing the problem.  Ultimately, they chose to replace the Spring Support.