One of the key benefits of working with PT&P is the value we deliver to our customers with our unique manufacturing capabilities.  We have become the Global Market Leader for Pipe Stress Related products because of our engineering expertise along with manufacturing capability.  The following are key aspects of our manufacturing capability:

  • Scale/Automation
  • Quality
  • Experience
  • Mass Customization Approach


Most customers we visit are surprised by our level of scale:

  • 450,000 Square Foot Facility on 13 Acres
  • 500+ Production Employees in Houston Facility
  • 10 Industrial Engineers – most with Masters Degrees
  • 10M+ Pounds Shipped Annually
  • ONLY Major Global Supplier of Engineered Pipe Supports and Expansion Joints

With all of these resources, PT&P can manufacture and supply any customer’s needs.

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The following is the certifications for PT&P Production Facilities:

  • ISO 9001
  • EJMA (Expansion Joint Manufacturer’s Association)
  • ASME U-Stamp
  • ASME R-Stamp
  • ASME NS Certified
  • Avetta Safety Consortium Member
  • ISN Safety Compliance Member
  • Nuclear (Laconia, NH and Houston Expansion Joint Production)

PT&P has a scale Quality Assurance Department that is lead by one of our most senior engineers.  Beyond the certifications that we carry, our manufacturing capabilities have been battle-tested by almost every major EPC and Petrochem and Power company over the last 40 years.


One of the unique aspects of working PT&P is that we have worked with almost every major EPC and operating company over the last 40 years.  This means we are very familiar with almost every different specifications and operating standard for Pipe Supports and Expansion Joints.  In fact, in some cases, PT&P has partnered with major EPCs to drive its Pipe Support standards.  By choosing to work with PT&P, you are working with a manufacturing group that knows how to serve different customer requirements and is very unlikely to be surprised.

Mass Customization Approach

The holy grail of manufacturing is to be able to offer customers both the benefits of scale and flexibility of small-batch production.


Examples of Mass Customization include:

  • Amazon Web Services – Amazon revolutionized the IT Industry with its web services which offered customers unprecedented computing on-demand with a vast array of value-added services.
  • Nike Customized Shoes
  • Harley Davidson
  • Wolverine Shoes
  • Brooks Brothers

With so many customers spanning across many industries, PT&P is able to meet those customer’s needs for product manufacturing.

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