Turnaround Support

PT&P has architected every aspect of its business to support the unique time critical needs of Operating Plant Turnarounds.

Turnaround Support
Operating Plant Turnaround

Turnarounds require intensive planning and immediate support when unexpected issues arise.  PT&P provides expedited delivery on all its products.  However, in some cases expedited delivery is not enough.  We have provided all of the following products and services in less than 24 hours during an emergency:

  • Expansion Joints
  • Constant Spring Supports
  • Variable Spring Supports
  • Pre-Insulated Pipe Supports (Hot and Cold)
  • Pipe Shoes
  • Pipe Hangers
  • Inspection
  • Installation

PT&P Supports turnarounds through:

  • Emergency Service  – PT&P has an emergency assistance contact that is monitored 24/7.   This would be the contact for emergency needs for PT&P manufactured products as well as PT&P Field Services.
  • Spring Support and Expansion Joint Audits – PT&P has worked very closely with turnaround teams by performing audits, preparing a plant for a turnaround, and executing the turnaround plan for Engineered Pipe Supports and Expansion joints.

PT&P has thousands of case studies on our work on turnarounds.  Some of these include: