Spring Sizing Calculator

Specifiy either Hot Load or Cold Load. Movement must be specified. If you do not see the calculator click here View Information

Vendor CAD Worksheets

Available for: Constant spring load hangers, Variable spring load hangers, Rod hangers. Please specify all the details of your hanger assemblies. View Information

Spring Sizing Program

Input details like: Hot load, Cold load, Movement. The program will choose the optimal spring hanger within allowable variability. View Information

Unit Converter

This program will convert between units of: Energy, Angle, Area, Conductivity, Density, Length, Mass, Volume ...and more View Information

Piping Hanger Design Software (PHDS)

The Pipe Hanger Design Software is an application developed in-house that allows you to generate 2D drawings of a wide range of PT&P spring and hanger pipe support assemblies. Generate 2D Drawings Now *notify me when the new software is released View Information