How does the height of the base (F-type) spring have to be specified with downward movement?

Steps for height of the base (F-type) spring specified with downward movement:

Step 1: For example, using the PTP-1 100-F with downwardmovement of 1/4 inch, review the loaded length x minimum (9 1/16″) andmaximum (10 1/16″) dimensions.

Step 2: Take the mid-point between those two dimensions whichwould be 9 9/16″

Step 3: Add the load flange thickness which is 1/2″which gives you 10 1/16″

Step 4: Add the amount of downward deflection (1/4 inch) for10 5/16″ as the installed height.

Variable Spring Supports For An Off-Shore Oil And Gas Refinery
F-Type Variable Spring Support