What are the different types of pipe supports in refineries?

Pipe supports can be classifiedaccording to both their level of engagement (active or passive) and function(load-bearing, guiding, or anchoring).

We designate support configurationswhose primary capabilities are always engaged as active, whereas passivesupport configurations simply follow the movement of the pipe during normaloperation. However, disturbances such as severe weather, impact, abnormalvibration or seismic events, will activate these otherwise passive supports,which then function as active anchoring devices.

Pipe support functions include loadbearing, guiding, or anchoring. A load bearing support will uphold the weightof the pipe while allowing possible movement in all three dimensions. A guidewill uphold the weight of the pipe while restricting movement in up to twodimensions. An anchor will completely restrict pipe movement in all threedimensions while bearing the weight, side, and thrust loads.

Hydraulic Snubber Assemblies - Passive Supports
Hydraulic Snubber Assemblies – Passive Supports