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Piping Engineering Training – The PT&P Process Webinar

Join us for introductory training on various types of pipe supports, expansion joints, vibration solutions, dynamic restraints, and more. We will discuss manufacturing systems for mass customization, volume production, rapid delivery, flexibility, and corrosion management. We will also go over pipe stress, material properties/selection, and contact corrosion. Learn about our workflows, turnaround strategy, and see real issues covered in some of our case studies. Lastly, view a new technology hitting the industry with data and examples.

This presentation has been given by PT&P to over 30 operating plants this year and refined with the input of Fixed Equipment Engineering, Maintenance, and Inspection teams. The PT&P expert will draw on this experience to provide practical insights into the challenges facing operating plants in their piping systems.

Register for October 8, 2020 – Thursday – 10 am or 2 pm CDT *Central Daylight Time / GMT -5h  

*Live Webinars are worth 1 P.E. / PDH Credit for TX Professional Engineers