Bronzphite Slide Plates

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PT&P’s graphite impregnated bronze slide plate, better known as Bronzphite®, is a self-lubricating bearing plate made up of a high quality bronze with graphite filled grooves.

Image Of A Bronze Slide Plate     Image Of A Close Up View Of A Bronze Slide Plate

Bronzphite slide plates include cylindrical grooves filled with graphite


Bronzphite: Construction

Bronzphite® is machined cast bronze plate, provided with solid graphite inserts arranged in various patterns and sizes to meet customer specifications.

Quality of the bronze: Equivalent to UNS C-92400
Chemical Composition: Cu 86-89%, Zn:1-3%, Sn: 9-11%, Pb: 1-2.5%
Physical Properties:
– Tensile strength — 40 ksi min.
– Yield strength — 18 ksi min.

Bronzphite: Application

Bronzphite® is best suited for high loads, low velocity applications and in places where the use of oil or grease is undesirable or unfeasible. The area in which it is utilized, can reach temperatures up to 1100°F.

The bronze plate acts as the bearing surface, withstanding heavy loads, while the graphite inserts provide a solid, oil-free lubricant. The formation of lubricant forms a film of graphite between the bearing and mating surface which results in low co-efficient of friction upon the start of relative motion.

The benefits of having an oil-free lubricant is that the slide plate:
Is maintenance free
Withstands extreme pressures and high temperatures
Is self-lubricating
Has high wear resistance
Lubrication does not deteriorate with wear
Has an extended life
Prevents unwanted accumulation of dust and debris

Image Of Many Bronzphite Based Slide Plates

Bronzphite: PT&P’s Capabilities

Piping Technology and Products is a supplier of maintenance free slide bearing plates referred to as Bronzphite®, whose high strengths bearings and impregnated graphite, together create a concoction ideal for maintaining excellent wear resistance and durability under severe operating conditions. PT&P has supplied Bronzphite® for number of companies in the oil, gas and power industry.

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