Calcium Silicate Technical Information

Calcium Silicate often serves as the insulation for pipe supports in high-temperature applications. Calcium Silicate is also known as Thermo-12/Blue. It is an insulating material composed of hydrous calcium silicate which, because of its lightweight, low thermal conductivity and exceptional structural strength are ideal for the insulation of high-temperature piping and equipment. Sometimes it is also used as block insulation. The pipe insulation comes in a complete selection of sizes. Block styles are available for application to various flat and curved surface areas.

Some of Calcium Silicate’s major advantages and applications are given below:

Major Advantages:
• Temperature Range to 1200°F
• Exceptional Strength
 Low Thermal Conductivity
 Easy Application: available sizes and shapes reduce the number of required joints and make Calcium Silicate easy to work with.
• Energy Savings: low thermal conductivity provides significant energy savings.
 Adaptable: Calcium Silicate can also be used on various shapes and sizes of surfaces.
 Fire Resistant.
 Low Chloride Content: low corrosivity.
• Asbestos-Free.

Major Applications:
 Hot Line Pipe Supports in Power Generation and Process Industries.
• Indoor and Outdoor Piping and Equipment.
 Block Insulation – insulation of various flat and curved surface areas.