Firetemp® Technical Information

Firetemp, usually known as Super Firetemp, is widely used as insulation for hot piping supports. The most commonly used grade for Super Firetemp is M. It is an inorganic incombustible material. Chemically, it features a xonotlite crystal structure that results in exceptional strength and extremely low water if hydration. Super Firetemp is composed primarily of lime, silica, and reinforcing fibers. The product is white, essentially dust-free, and contains no asbestos. It is a very good material for structural insulation inserts.

Firetemp insulation’s major advantages and applications are given below. For more detail please see the Insulation Comparison Table.

Major Advantages:
• Exceptionally High Strength
• Low Conductivity
• Easy Application
• Zero clearance to combustibles
• Temperature Range to 1800°F
• Asbestos-Free

Major Applications:
• Hot Line Pipe Supports in Power Generation and Process Industries
• Indoor and Outdoor Piping and Equipment
• Block Insulation
• Fire rated enclosures around kitchen exhaust hood
• Fireproofing structural steel
• Fire rated walls