Firetemp® Technical Information

Firetemp®, usually known as Super Firetemp®, is widely used as insulation for hot piping supports. It is an inorganic incombustible material. Chemically, it features a xonotlite crystal structure that results in exceptional strength and extremely low water if hydration. Super Firetemp®  is composed primarily of lime, silica, and reinforcing fibers. The product is white, essentially dust-free, and contains no asbestos. It is a very good material for structural insulation inserts.

Firetemp®  insulation’s major advantages and applications are given below. For more detail please see the Insulation Comparison Table.

Major Advantages:
• Exceptionally High Strength
• Low Conductivity
• Easy Application
• Zero clearance to combustibles
• Temperature Range to 1800°F
• Asbestos-Free

Major Applications:
• Hot Line Pipe Supports in Power Generation and Process Industries
• Indoor and Outdoor Piping and Equipment
• Block Insulation
• Fire rated enclosures around kitchen exhaust hood
• Fireproofing structural steel
• Fire rated walls