Piping Technology & Products, Inc. Donated School Supplies to over 400 Children in the Surrounding Community for the 2009 School Year

PT&P aided State Representative Al Edwards in the effort to provide the Sunnyside community children with their school supplies for the upcoming school year. The items PT&P purchased included paper, pencils, pencil sharpeners, pens, erasers, folders, rulers, binders, glue sticks, crayons and music tablets.

PT&P delivered the supplies to the House of Prayer, a local church, where volunteers divided them into 400 backpacks. The backpacks and snacks were donated by another participating sponsor. The Houston Food Bank participated in the event to provide food for those in need. The children range from elementary to middle school and live in the surrounding Sunnyside community.


State Representative Al Edwards and Children from the Sunnyside Community

Children from the Sunnyside Community After Receiving New Backpacks
Volunteers Passing Out Backpacks

Children After Receiving New Backpacks

Children After Receiving New Backpacks

PT&P Employees Unloading Supplies
Backpacks Supplied by Another Sponsor