CNC Plasma / Eye Burn Operator (2nd Shift)

Position Summary:

Under the direction of the supervisor and his appointed lead person, operates the CNC plasma cutting machine with oxy-fuel and plasma torches to produce parts in the manufacturing process.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Set up CNC / Burn Table machinery for production runs.
  • Make sure the machine has the proper computer program and necessary tools installed.
  • Monitor machinery for any problems during the production run. If there is an issue, operators may adjust the program to correct the problem.
  • After items have been produced, CNC / Burn Table machine operators ensure that they meet specifications and verify their quality.
  • Instructs material handler on what material to load and/or unload and how to load table to maximize productivity.
  • Checks material for grade, thickness, and size.
  • Reads prints, determines tolerances, and checks parts against prints to ensure quality of parts being cut. Based on the appearance and quality of parts being produced, makes appropriate adjustments to the processes, such as travel speed, tip size, tip replacement, gas pressures, kerf compensation, torch height, and other factors as needed to produce the desired quality.
  • Performs all functions associated with operation of the CNC plasma cutting / Burn Table machine.
  • Start-up and shutdown procedures. Transfer of programs to and from the host computer, setting up the programs to produce required parts, originating programs from standard shapes, modifying programs from oxy-fuel to plasma and from plasma to oxy-fuel, adjusting kerf settings.
  • Understands all functions on CNC / Burn Table, i.e. plasma cutting tips/nozzle size and speed charts, oxy-fuel cutting tips and gas pressures, kerf settings, amperage settings, standard shapes, keyboard to computer, and appropriate instruction manuals.
  • Performs daily, weekly, and monthly operator preventive maintenance.
  • Communicates problems with CNC plasma cutter / Burn Table or any other equipment to lead man, supervisor, and/or maintenance to ensure problem resolution.
  • Uses and understands measuring instruments, i.e. tape measure, level, protractor, and micrometer.
  • Responsible for safety and environmental issues regarding assigned area, i.e.material handling of material, crane use, cutting torch, hot parts, lifting weight limits, proper eye protection, and proper level in water table to minimize smoke generated during cutting process.
  • May be exposed to excessive noise, welding gases and fumes, and varying weather conditions.
  • Trains personnel as needed.
  • To work overtime as requested.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.


  • High school diploma or high school GED.
  • Must be able to read blueprints and engineering drawings.
  • Must be proficient operating a Koike Aronson plasma burner with a burny 10 system
  • Must understand computer controls and logic to adjust cutting speeds/pressure gauges.
  • Must have knowledge of basic shop mathematics, addition, subtraction, fractions and decimals
  • Ability to lift, carry, or maneuver objects, difficult objects will be lifted with the assistance of mechanical means or additional manpower.
  • Ability to sit, stand, bend, reach, kneel, twist, pull, push, grip, and climb.