Thermoplastic Isolator (TPI)

Insulated Supports

Insulated pipe supports are designed to prevent direct heat transfer between pipes and their supports. Thus, they reduce heat loss due to conduction at each support. They serve the following purposes: Carry the load and allow necessary movement at each suppose point, provide insulation in the support area where the regular pipe insulation cannot be installed and minimize the cost of field installation by reducing installation time. The supports are not welded to the pipe and each unit is shipped completely assembled (except for the riser supports and anchor supports, both of which require some welding).

Single Expansion Joint

Pressure Vessels & Tanks

Variable Spring Supports

Universal Expansion Joint

Orifice Plates & Flanges

Constant Spring Supports

Pipe Shields Pre-Insulated Pipe Supports

Fabric Expansion Joint

Pig Launchers & Receivers

Big Ton Spring Supports

Hinged Expansion Joint

Transition Pieces/Duct Work

Compact Spring Supports

Gimbal Expansion Joint

Rectangular Expansion Joint

Bellmouth Reducers

Elbow Pressure Balanced Expansion Joint

Conical Strainers