Rectangular Metal Expansion Joints

A low pressure flexible ducting element that consists of rectangular corrugated bellows sections and accompanying end connections. Primary motion axial.

Rectangular metal expansion joints are flexible devices specifically designed to absorb the movement resulting from thermal expansion and contraction in duct systems. The bellows are typically constructed using durable metals like stainless steel, which provide the necessary strength and reliability in demanding operating conditions.

Rectangular metal expansion joints can be easily recognized by their distinctive shape. This shape sets them apart from other types of expansion joints, such as round metal expansion joints. The rectangular design enables these joints to accommodate movements in two perpendicular directions, making them ideal for applications with limited space or structural constraints.

When a duct system experiences temperature fluctuations, the pipes expand or contract accordingly. Without expansion joints, this thermal movement can subject the system to harmful stresses, potentially leading to fatigue failure or ruptures in duct systems.

Rectangular metal expansion joints are strategically installed in the ducting system at specific locations where movement is expected. These joints are designed with a series of convolutions or corrugations, imparting the necessary flexibility to the structure. When the pipes expand or contract, the corrugations in the expansion joint compress or extend, effectively absorbing the movement and relieving stress on the system.

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Rectangular metal expansion joints offer numerous benefits in duct systems. These joints provide flexibility, allowing for a greater range of movement compared to rigid connections. This flexibility helps reduce overall stress on the system, prolonging its lifespan and minimizing the risk of costly repairs or replacements. Rectangular metal expansion joints can act as effective vibration isolators. They can be designed to absorb and dampen vibrations caused by fluid flow, equipment operation, or external forces, preventing these vibrations from propagating throughout the system. This feature contributes to improved system performance, enhanced equipment reliability, and increased safety.

Rectangular metal expansion joints find applications across various industries where ducting systems experience thermal movements. Power generation plants, petrochemical facilities, HVAC systems, and industrial processing plants are just a few examples.

In power generation plants, rectangular metal expansion joints are used in steam and gas turbine systems, where they accommodate the thermal expansion of the equipment at vacuum conditions. They also play a vital role in flue gas desulfurization systems, compensating for movement resulting from temperature changes and equipment operation.

In the petrochemical industry, these expansion joints are utilized in duct systems that transport corrosive fluids or gases. They can be designed to withstand high temperatures, pressures, and aggressive media which makes them indispensable in this sector.

Rectangular metal expansion joints are indispensable components in ducting systems, offering flexibility and vibration isolation. With their wide range of applications in diverse industries, these expansion joints continue to play a vital role in maintaining the safety, efficiency, and reliability of various industrial processes.

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