Universal Expansion Joint

A flexible piping element that consists of two corrugated bellows, a connecting center section, and accompanying end connections. Primary motion lateral.

The main purpose of the universal expansion joint is to accommodate lateral movements that a single expansion joint cannot handle. The universal expansion joint consists of two bellows separated by a pipe spool section. The ability to accept lateral deflection depends on the angle that each bellow can absorb. The additional increase or decrease of the lateral deflection is influenced by the distance between the bellows so by changing the length of the pipe spool, the spring rate of the universal expansion joint can be affected.
The advantage of the universal expansion joint’s construction is its ability to absorb any different types of displacement: axial, lateral, and angular, as well as their combination. Lateral and angular movement of the pipe system can be limited by tie rods, which at the same time balance the pressure thrust in this part of the piping system. For these types of joints designed for only lateral movement, the overall length of the unit does not change when the pipeline is heated. This solution successfully solves the problem of thermal expansion of pipelines. You can find more details about the maximum temperature and number of cycles that standard universal expansion joints can withstand on the page about this product.

Piping Tech & Product Inc. / U.S.Bellows is a PT&P subsidiary company. This experienced manufacturer, with the tradition of making expansion joints, stretches back to the middle of the last century. In addition, PT&P has a long tradition of designing, manufacturing, and servicing expansion joints and pipe supports. Besides standard products, PT&P and U.S. Bellows design and develop these devices for customers with special requirements. PT&P / U.S. Bellows actively participate in the work of the Association of Manufacturers of Expansion Joints, which sets standards for the engineering of expansion joints.

Information on expansion joints and the design life of these units can be found on the Cyclic Deflection and Cycle Life page on the US Bellows website.

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