Client Testimonials

“Thank you for getting the Spring Cans to us quickly. They were actually made a couple of days ahead of projection. We were able to get them installed for our client ahead of time.”

Variable Assemblies – August 2022

“Done on time, We appreciate it.”

Expansion Joints Metal Bellows – February 2022

“Our company and PT&P have a long-standing business relationship. PT&P continues to provide excellent products and a world-class customer service experience. The company team was excellent in every aspect of supporting our project for urgent material fabrication and delivery. Big thanks to the PT&P team for your continued support of our company. We greatly appreciate the partnership.”

Misc. Steel fabrication – February 2022

“Everyone I have ever worked with at PT&P has been absolutely incredible to work with. Knowledgeable, courteous, and very professional.”

Insulated Shoes/Supports: Hot/Cold – March 2022

“Not much more I can say. Excellent service all the way around!”

Expansion Joints Metal Bellows – September 2021

“PT&P was an excellent adviser to this job”

Pipe Hanger Hardware – March 2022

“A+. Thanks for your help.”

Expansion Joints Metal Bellows – April 2022

“I sincerely thank all of you for your efforts to date and encourage all of you to continue the excellent performance and commitment to the projects.”

Single Expansion Joint – 2020

“We received quick response and order turnaround. Although this is the 1st time we placed an order with your company we had a positive experience so far with timely responses and support. We also placed a subsequent order to complement the 1st one and we are happy with the level of communication and engagement. I believe this is the beginning of a mutually beneficial business relationship.
Thank you Piping Tech Team!”

Pipe Hanger Hardware – April 2022

“PT&P has been a huge support for our Projects and the 2022 Turnaround. For the projects, PT&P was able to provide all of the spring cans and hangers at reasonable cost and schedule. During the turnaround, they answered our calls for pipe support requirements and modifications at all times, with quick turnaround. They were able to get us material the same day or next day, and constantly support execution. PT&P has been a great vendor partner for Motiva. We look forward to working with them on the next project.”

Insulated Shoes/Supports: Hot/Cold – April 2022

“There is currently no other supplier we would prefer to deal with. PT&P appears to do all they can to accommodate our challenging requests”

Variable Assemblies – May 2022

“Totally satisfied and they are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Insulated Shoes/Supports: Hot/Cold – May 2022

“PT&P continues to go over and beyond with service and delivery. Their team is hands down, the best!”

Variable Assemblies – September 2021

“PT&P provides excellent sales and product support. The company clearly makes an effort to be clear about design selection, order support and product delivery. Keep up the good work.”

Pipe Hanger Hardware – December 2021

“Thank you very much for the excellent work you and your associates at PT&P/USB provided on my bellows order. Although we agreed to a 10-day rush delivery, your shop responded to my project schedule and delivered 14 bellows assemblies in only 7 days from my order. This quick delivery helped us avert a scheduling conflict on a very critical project. I would be glad to recommend U.S. Bellows to anyone in need of a quality product with on-time or better delivery.”

High Temperature Insulated Supports – December 2021

“I would like to express my personal appreciation for the extraordinary efforts put forth by the individuals at U.S. Bellows. When our G417 Pump piping failed suddenly during the plant startup, everything went from a normal startup to emergency status, the response by the people at your facility was immediate and highly effective.  With one of our major process Plants was in a shut down and waiting on this expansion joints for startup, the need and pressure to expedite the completion of this bellows was immense. The individuals at U.S. Bellows demonstrated the willingness to go the extra mile and complete the construction ahead of the original projected timeline. These actions were instrumental in helping to solve the many logistical and technical problems associated with the cleanup and startup in a timely manner.”

Large Refinery Project

“Each and every support was fabricated well ahead of schedule and arrived at site before the pipe did. This eliminated the need for using temporary supports. All supports reached the site without any missing parts as all supports were pre-assembled and pre-inspected by our joint inspection team and PTP QC department. PT&P was pro-active in supporting the site engineers in terms of modification of supports and replacing springs that were required due to field re-routes and changes. Our construction partner and we are equally satisfied with PT&P pipe supports and concluded that these two projects were one of the best projects they have built in recent years.

Pipe Stress Analysis – Combined Cycle Plant Project

“Thank you very much for the excellent work you and your associates at PT&P/USB provided on my expansion joint order. Although we agreed to a 10-day rush delivery, your shop responded to my project schedule and delivered 14 bellows assemblies in only 7 days from my order. This quick delivery helped us avert a scheduling conflict on a very critical project. I would be glad to recommend U.S. Bellows to anyone in need of a quality product with on-time or better delivery.”

Expansion Joints Metal Bellows

“I want to extend my appreciation to you and your colleagues for the service provided for the purchase of expansion joints recently. They arrived in time for our shutdown and we had no issues during the install.”

Expansion Joints Metal Bellows – November 2022

“This email is to thank you for the quality of service provided by your company. I appreciate your efficient, gracious service and the level of readiness and accountability you have demonstrated on each of my requests. I’ve sent you many requests with a quick turnaround, longer lead time, and award after. Please accept my gratification. Know that the level of promptness you offer is also acknowledged and valued. Thank you and your team for your excellent service to our organization. I am impressed by the timely support.”

Pipe Hanger Hardware – December 2022

“The responsiveness, attention to detail, flexibility, and turnaround time of your engineer and his team provided was unmatched.”

Paddle type orifice plates – December 2022

“US Bellows engineer has been really helpful in ensuring that we get this order expedited and that we make sure to iron out all the details to ensure we get the best product.”

Expansion Joints Metal Bellows – March 2023

“Responsive team!”

Expansion Joints Metal Bellows – March 2023

“No issues with personnel or product.Thank you!”

Pipe Hanger Hardware – March 2023

“Always happy with the service that we get from Piping Tech. They are always prompt with quoting and have been a pleasure to work with over the years. We sincerely appreciate his help and the quality of service overall at Piping Tech.”

Pipe Hanger Hardware – April 2023

“Great customer service and efficient.”

Pipe Support – April 2023

“I cannot be happier to deal with the engineers at PTP. The quote process has been extremely easy. They are very thorough in making sure to have every question answered to get us the best product possible.”

Expansion Joints – April 2023

“Outstanding efforts to get a quote back to me and all the material on site, Keep up the good work.”

Pipe Hanger Hardware – June 2023

” PT&P engineers were very helpful in getting us the information we needed for the project.”

Protection Shield for High Temperatures – June 2023

“You guys are on top of your game. A sale will never get past you guys. Big fan of your persistence, big fan! I will be working on getting the PO to you pretty soon. Thanks for always keeping me on my toes!”

Fabricated pipe shoes – September 2023

“Pipe Shields team was extremely helpful, very responsive, and asked all the right questions to get us what we needed.”

Insulated shoes – October 2023

“You guys are the very best at following up on a quote and seeing it to completion.”

Pipe Hanger Hardware – October 2023

“Very satisfied with the communication, assistance, and delivery response. Thank you!”

Pipe Hanger Assembly – October 2023

“Very responsive and easy to deal with.”

Variable Assembly – October 2023

“I appreciate all of PTP’s support and timely responses. You made my job so much easier & I thank you. If something comes up, I will definitely reach out to you.”

Hydraulic Mechanical Snubbers – October 2023

” The Sweco Fab team has helped me with orders a few years now and always goes above and beyond. Their professionalism and getting back to me in a timely manner is outstanding. I enjoy working with them and piping technology.”

Paddle blinds – March 2024

“The US Bellows team was very professional and help guide me through the process.”

Expansion Joints Metal Bellows – April 2024

“Pipe Shields is the best!!!!!!!!!!!”

Insulated Shoes/Supports: Hot/Cold – April 2024

“”PT&P is a powerhouse of various items our clients request weekly. I receive a periodic Technical Bulletin via email, quite useful indeed.
Thank you for the resources these past several years and we look forward to expanding our cooperation.”

Misc. fabrication – June 2024