Why PT&P Spring Supports

PT&P is setup to offer our customers the absolute best value in Spring Supports.  The following are key factors that differentiate PT&P Spring Supports:

  • Global Leadership – PT&P has been providing spring supports for over 40 years and has millions of Spring Supports currently in service. We are the standard used by many EPCs and Operating Plants globally.
  • Superior Engineering and Support – PT&P is the only major Engineered Pipe Support provider that started as a Pipe Stress Engineering company. This one of the reasons why we are the only major global provider of both engineered pipe supports and expansion joints.  When you order from PT&P, you not only get our product, but you also get service from one of the world’s leading Pipe Stress Engineering firms.  We can assist in product selection, installation advice, and maintenance advice.  We conduct 100+ individualized Technical Training sessions each year for EPCs and Operating Plants.
  • Superior Manufacturing – PT&P manufactures to a higher standard than other Engineered Pipe Support providers. One of the reasons we are the only major manufacturer of Expansion Joints and Pipe Supports is that the skill level required to manufacture Expansion Joints is distinctly higher than Pipe Supports.  For example, we TIG weld thin gauge Hastelloy and other superalloys every day in our Expansion Joint production. Beyond the superior skills we keep on staff, PT&P has a unique ability to service short lead-time orders.  Some of these are in as little as 12 hours.  Our unique manufacturing approach is explained on this link.
  • Superior Quality – we have seen many Spring Supports in the field that have been highly “cost-engineered’. The easiest way to look for this is to check the support for the use of thin gauge material (you can just tap on it).  This is often accompanied by a painted finish which must be used because galvanizing, while far superior (paint vs galvanized) for most applications, would warp thin gauge material.PT&P has not gone through this cycle of cost-engineering.  If you check PT&P spring support, you will quickly see we use thicker gauge material with a standard galvanized finish that is designed to last for the long term and survive in the most difficult environments.
  • Unparalleled Customization Options – because PT&P has set up it’s manufacturing to easily accommodate customization and has advanced manufacturing skills that other spring support manufacturers lack, we can offer the broadest range of options. These include