Badger Industry to U.S. Bellows / PT&P

Badger Industry to US Bellow / PT&P

Badger Industry to U.S. Bellows / Piping Technology and Products.
DescriptionBadger IndustryU.S. Bellows / PT&P
Single Type Expansion JointBadger's Single Type Expansion JointPT&P's Single Type Expansion Joint
Universal Expansion JointBadger's Universal Expansion JointPT&P's Universal Expansion Joint
Hinged Expansion JointBadger's Hinged Expansion JointPT&P's Hinged Expansion Joint
Gimbal Expansion JointBadger's Gimbal Expansion JointPT&P's Gimbal Expansion Joint
Inline Pressure Balanced Expansion JointBadger's Inline Pressure Balanced Expansion JointPT&P's Inline Pressure Balanced Expansion Joint
Pressure Balanced Elbow Expansion JointBadger's Pressure Balanced Elbow Expansion JointPT&P's Pressure Balanced Elbow Expansion Joint