PT&P to NHK Spring Co., Ltd.

PTP to NHK Spring Co., Ltd.

Piping Technology Figure Cross Reference to NHK Spring Co., Ltd.
DescriptionPT&P Figure No.NHK Spring Co., Ltd.
Adjustable Band HangerFig. 2---
Cylinder Pipe Guide, Spider GuideFig. 6---
Welded Beam AttachmentFig. 20NCLS
TurnbuckleFig. 30TBL
Rid CouplingFig. 35--
Weldless Eye NutFig. 40FEN
Weldless Eye Nut Left-hand ThreadFig. 40L--
Yoke U-Bolt, StandardFig. 42--
Yoke U-Bolt, Heavy DutyFig. 43PCUS
Adjustable Pipe Saddle SupportFig. 46--
Pipe Saddle Support with U-BoltFig. 48NUSA
Light Two-Bolt Pipe ClampFig. 50NPCX-L
Heavy Two-Bolt Pipe ClampFig. 60NPCX-H
Double Bolt Pipe Clamp---CSFig. 70NPCB-L
Double Bolt Pipe Clamp---AlloyFig. 70ANPCD-L
Welding LugFig. 72LPT
Concrete Clevis PlateFig. 73--
Concrete Single Lug PlateFig. 74--
Channel AssemblyFig. 75--
Heavy Duty Double Bolt Pipe Clamp---CSFig. 80NPCB-M
Adjustable Clevis HangerFig. 83PCU-L
Clevis Hanger for Insulated LinesFig. 89--
Riser ClampFig. 90RA-L
Clevis Pin with CottersFig. 91SPP
Steel Washer PlateFig. 92SWP
Forged Steel ClevisFig. 95FSC
T-Bar without Cradle, with Slide PlateFig. 98--
Long Tangent U-BoltFig. 100NUBC
Welded Eye RodFig. 110EBT
Eye Rod, Not WeldedFig. 120---
All Threaded RodFig. 122--
Welded Linked Eye RodFig. 126---
Linked Eye RodFig. 127---
Hanger Rod, Thread Both Ends R.H.Fig. 128Figure 133
Hanger Rod, Thread One End R.H., One End L.H.Fig. 129Figure 133L
Beam ClampFig. 130---
Malleable Beam ClampFig. 135Figure 297
Heavy Duty Beam ClampFig. 140---
Insulation Protection ShieldFig. 183---
Pipe Covering Saddle for 1" InsulationFig. 184Figure 351
Pipe Covering Saddle for 1- p  " InsulationFig. 185Figure 352
Pipe Covering Saddle for 2" InsulationFig. 186Figure 353
Pipe Covering Saddle for 2- p  " InsulationFig. 187Figure 354
Pipe Covering Saddle for 3" InsulationFig. 188Figure 355
Pipe Covering Saddle for 4" InsulationFig. 189Figure 265
Fabricated Clamp RiserFig. 190---
Roller HangerFig. 195---
Trapeze Roller HangerFig. 200---
Roller ChairFig. 210---
RollersFig. 215---
Roller StandFig. 230---
Adjustable Roller StandFig. 240---
Adjustable Elbow SupportFig. 260---
Horizontal TravelersFig. 270Figure 7054
Light Duty SpringsFig. 400---
Vibration Control and Sway BraceFig. 550Figure 2300
Vibration Control and Sway BraceFig. 555Figure 2301
Figure 2302
Hydraulic Shock and Sway Suppressor (Snubber)Fig. 2100Figure 2525
Sway StrutFig. 2110Figure 2250
Figure 2252
Figure 2015
Sway Strut---Field WeldedFig. 2120---
Short Variable SpringFig. PTP-1Figure 910
Standard Variable SpringFig. PTP-2Figure 920
Double Variable SpringFig. PTP-4Figure 940
Triple Variable SpringFig. PTP-6Figure 960
Quadruple Variable SpringFig. PTP-8Figure 980
Vertical Constant Spring SupportFig. PTP-100Figure 880V
Horizontal Constant Spring SupportFig. PTP-200Figure 881H