Custom Designed Pipe Shoes for a Facility in Louisiana

September 13, 2022


Custom Designed Pipe Shoes for a Facility in Louisiana


Type: Pipe Shoes
Size: 20” x 20”x 12”
Material: A 516 Gr. 20 Carbon Steel | 304 Stainless Steel
Testing: Standard Q.C. Inspection

pipe shoes and pipe guides are available in a variety of designs. Slide plates may be included on the pipe shoes for smooth sliding. Custom pipe shoes and anchors can be designed to meet your specific design requirements. We can design pipe supports, such as these, for use on pipelines containing expansion joints or other critical components where lateral and vertical pipe movement needs to be controlled. Similar to this design, we can also manufacture pipe supports such as Spider Guides (our PT&P Fig.6) that are used adjacent expansion joints in order to avoid a fulcrum that could impose lateral and vertical deflection on critical components such as pumps, compressors, and turbines often used in various green energy plants such as nuclear, geothermal, solar, biomass and hydropower. The guides of the Spider Guide can be furnished with split sleeves for easy installation or solid, and they can be modified to suit special applications.

PT&P custom designed and fabricated multiple pipe shoes for a general industrial contractor in Louisiana. The base of the pipe shoes are fabricated utilizing low-temperature carbon steel A516 Gr. 70, and the clamps are fabricated from 304 stainless steel. The pipe shoes provide rigid support to the pipeline in the vertical and lateral directions while allowing axial movement. The dimensions are 20" x 20"x 12".


Happy New Year from PT&P

December 30, 2019

Piping Technology & Products would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. Hear what some of our employee’s New Years Resolutions are for 2020!

Pre-Insulated Pipe Supports Custom Designed with 6” of High Density Insulation

August 5, 2019


29 Specially Designed High-Temperature Supports for a Power Plant in Arizona

Type: High Temperature Pipe Suports (Hot Shoes)
Size: 10” NPS x 6” Hot Insulation x 12” Long
Material: Carbon Steel with HDG finish | Casi & High Density Inserts
Design: 1200°F | 15,000 lb. Vertical | 6,245 lb. Axial

These pre-insulated high-temperature pipe supports were designed and fabricated for a 10” diameter high-temperature pipeline at a power plant in Arizona. The supports are fabricated from carbon steel with HDG finish and include casi & high-density inserts. They are designed to guide pipes that may reach up to 1200°F, high loads of up to 15,000 lb. vertical and 6,245 lb. axial. There were twenty-nine total “hot shoes” ranging in different designs. The “grooves” in the insulation are for steam tracing. Steam tracing is heat tracing performed by circulating steam around process pipes to heat them. The shoe assemblies are comprised of the four guides on the shoe and adjustable stops. They are designed to account for lateral, vertical, and axial movement. Dimensions for the supports pictured are 10” NPS x 6” thick insulation x 12” long base. Standard tests and Q.C. inspections were performed before shipping.

Graphite Slide Plates Ranging in Size from 4″ to 10″

July 29, 2019



Graphite Slide Plates for an Technology and Engineering Company in North Carolina

Type: Graphite Slide Plates
Size: 4”-10” Length | 4”-10″ Width
Material: Graphite Sheets | Carbon Steel
Design: 2000 PSI Operating Pressure

PT&P manufactured multiple graphite slide plates for a technology and engineering company in North Carolina. The materials for these slide plates are made of graphite sheets with carbon steel backing pads. The dimensions range in length 4”-10” and width 4”-10” with an soperating pressure of 2000 PSI. All carbon steel plates will be galvanized. The graphite pad will then be bonded to carbon steel backing plates with a ¾ lip.