How do you measure insulation saddles for piping?

How do you size saddles for pipe insulation?

November 2, 2010

The pipe saddle size will be dependent upon the pipe diameter and the thickness of the insulation.

42 inch large bore pipe saddles
42″ Large Bore Pipe Saddles

How do I install a saddle support for piping?

For saddle supports that do not require welding, the installation process would involve locating the saddle support in the correct position, utilizing the adjustable component (usually a threaded member) to accommodate height requirements and finally ensuring that the saddle component is completely in contact with the outer pipe wall.

Saddle Supports with Stainless Steel Slide Plates
Saddle Supports with Stainless Steel Slide Plates

What is a saddle support?

A saddle support is a support consisting of a stanchion that utilizes a curved section for cradling the pipe.

Adjustable Pipe Saddle Supports Designed for a Booster Pump Station Rehabilitation Project in Florida
Adjustable Pipe Saddle Supports

What is a pipe saddle?

A pipe saddle is a structure consisting of a saddle and integral base that is used to support the pipe by transmitting the load or forces to the adjacent structure.

78 Heavy Duty Pipe Saddles for Insulated Ductile Iron Pipelines

78″ Heavy Duty Pipe Saddles