What is a steel washer plate?

January 10, 2012

Steel washer plates are components used on top of channels or angles to support pipe with rods or U-bolts.

Fig. 92: Steel Washer Plate

What is a j-rod on a pipe support?

February 11, 2011

When referring to constants, the j dimension refers to the diameter ofthe rod which transfers our load from the constant to the support component.(i.e. clamp, clevis, etc.)

Constant Drawing with J Dimension Shown
Constant Drawing with J Dimension Shown

What is a clevis plate?

Our concrete clevis plate is a method for attaching a welded beam attachment to a concrete base in place of a structural steel base.

What does a steel clevis look like?

January 31, 2011

A steel clevis looks like this:

Forged ClevisFabricated Clevis

How strong are hanger rods?

November 2, 2010

The strength of the hanger rod is dependent upon its diameter. The smallest standard rod diameter for Piping Technology is .5 inch with a load capacity of 1,350 lb. and the largest with a 3 inch diameter and a load capacity of 60,100 lb.

Hanger Rods
Hanger Rods

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When do you use the u-bolt to guide the pipe?

U-bolts can be utilized as pipe guides when the horizontal forces are relatively small (usually 10% or less) compared with the anticipated vertical load.

U-Bolt Pipe Support Assembly
U-Bolt Pipe Support Assembly

How do I figure out the length needed for a u-bolt rod?

When determining the required length of a u-bolt, one should provide a leg length which extends from the centerline of the pipe to end of the threaded portion, while still permitting a hexnut/locknut combination with full thread engagement.

TPI Pipe

How do I install a clevis?

When installing clevises, first you should disengage the pin connection of the clevis. Then align the clevis pin holes with the existing component. Place the pin through the holes of the clevis an component and place the lock in the pin.

Clevis and Pin Connected to a Rod
Clevis and Pin Connected to a Rod

What are hanger rods?

Hanger rods are externally threaded components which are used to join internally threaded components of a pipe support assembly.

Rod and Clevis Assembly
Rod and Clevis Assembly

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How do I install a saddle support for piping?

For saddle supports that do not require welding, the installation process would involve locating the saddle support in the correct position, utilizing the adjustable component (usually a threaded member) to accommodate height requirements and finally ensuring that the saddle component is completely in contact with the outer pipe wall.

Saddle Supports with Stainless Steel Slide Plates
Saddle Supports with Stainless Steel Slide Plates

How do I inspect a spring support?

Use this 10-point operational integrity check list when inspecting spring supportsin the field:

  • Beam attachment
  • Beam attachment pin
  • Spring hanger attachment
  • Load flange movement
  • Spring coil corrosion
  • Check load indication for hot load
  • Note load deviations
  • Turnbuckle/locknuts
  • Threaded rod/weldless eye, hex nuts
  • Pipe clamp attachment pin
For more information, or assistance with accomplishing this check-list in the field, please see our field services page.
Corroded Variable Spring Support
Corroded Variable Spring Support