Micarta Block Assemblies Designed for a Vessel Application

November 16, 2018

Micarta Block Assemblies Designed for a Vessel Application in Texas

Type: Insulated Support – Micarta® Block Assembly
Size: 2″ H x 12″ W x 81″ L
Material: Micarta® | PTFE, 25% Glass-filled
Design: -454°F | Visual / Dimensional Tests

PT&P designed Micarta® block assemblies for placement beneath the saddle support of a vessel at an oil refinery in Texas. These insulated supports measure 2” x 12” x 81” and include PTFE, 25% glass-filled material bonded to the top of the Micarta®. Micarta® consists of glass fabric with an epoxy resin, which provides great insulating characteristics and superior physical properties. The blocks are designed to prevent cryogenic temperatures down to -454°F from transferring past the base of the support to the supporting steel or foundation. Visual and dimensional tests were performed prior to shipment.

Pre-Insulated Cryogenic Supports for Propylene Dehydrogenation

February 12, 2018

Pre-Insulated Cryogenic Supports for a Propylene Dehydrogenation Application at a Petrochemical Plant in Texas

Type: Pre-Insulated Cryogenic Supports
Size: 12” Long Base | 32” Wide Base | 62″ Overall Height | 18” Long Insulation
Material: Polyurethane | Carbon Steel w/ HDG Finish
Design: Operating Temperature -360°F & 42″ NPS
Testing: Standard Quality Control

Piping Technology and Products, Inc. and custom designed two pre-insulated cryogenic supports for a propylene dehydrogenation application at a petrochemical plant in Texas. The insulation is made from a high density polyurethane insulation, with the bearing plates and side bumpers fabricated from carbon steel with an HDG finish. The shoes are capable of insulating and supporting at temperatures as low as -360°F. These were designed to support pipeline diameter of 42” with overall height of 62” diameter. Regular quality control tests were performed with a standard turn-around time.

Cryogenic Pipe Supports Designed for a Facility in Massachusetts

September 11, 2017

Cryogenic Pipe Supports Designed for a Facility in Massachusetts

Type: Cryogenic Pipe Supports
Material: Carbon Steel | Polyurethane
Design: -320°F | 36″ – 48″ Dia. | 52″ W x 57″ H x 67″ L

PT&P received an order to custom design 16 cryogenic pipe supports for a contractor in Massachusetts. They needed a pipe forming a T-section lined with insulation and trimmed to accommodate the pipe perpendicular to the shoe length. The overall dimensions of the order are pipe sizes ranging from 36″ to 48″ in diameter, 52″ width and 57″ to 67″ height. Our insulation is designed to support the pipe and its contents. When insulated pipes are supported, the weight of the pipe, the contents, the operating temperature, and the amount of energy loss must be considered. In order to support the pipe and minimize energy loss from heat transfer, a pre-insulated pipe support is necessary. If the material in the pipe is high temperature such as high pressure steam or heating oil, then high temperature insulation is required, and these supports are called hot shoes. If the material is cold, such as liquefied natural gas, cooling water or ammonia, then low temperature insulation is needed, and these types of supports are called cold shoes.

PT&P Cryogenic Blanket Insulation Prototype Test

May 2, 2017

Piping Technology & Products New Foam Machine

June 6, 2016

Cryogenic Pipe Supports Designed for an Air Separation Unit

Cryogenic Pipe Supports Designed for an Air Separation Unit

A total of sixty-four pre-insulated pipe supports were designed for cryogenic temperatures in an air separation unit in China. The units are 12″ in length with 4.5″ thick polyurethane foam insulation. The cold shoes were designed with carbon steel shoe clamps and finished with a black epoxy and include polyethylene slide plates.Standard quality control and dimensional tests were performed prior to shipment.

Cryogenic Supports with Permali® Insulation for an LNG Plant in Abu Dhabi

December 6, 2010
Cryogenic Supports with Permali® Insulation for an LNG Plant in Abu Dhabi
Cryogenic Supports with Permali® Insulation

Over 30 cryogenic supports fabricated from a combination of carblon steel, permali® block and stainless steel were manufactured for an LNG plant in Abu Dhabi. The shoes measures 18″ x 14″ x 12″ and are designed for 10″ of thermal movement and temperatures as low as -167°C. The cold shoes are coated with a custom paint job and went through standard testing prior to shipment.

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Pre-insulated Pipe Supports

September 10, 2004
Pre-insulated Pipe Supports
Pre-insulated Pipe Supports

Piping Technology & Products, Inc. custom designed and manufactured 86 pre-insulated pipe supports for a customer. The pipe supports are specifically designed for use in cryogenic lines using polyurethane insulation that can withstand temperatures as low as -51° F. The supports weigh between 17 & 36 lbs. each and are designed for pipe sizes ranging from 2 to 4 in diameter. The clamp and base used with this pipe support are fabricated from A36 carbon steel. Upon customer’s request, a three layer customized paint was applied to the clamp and base.

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