How to Adjust the Load and Height of a Big Ton Spring Support

March 21, 2016

What if the Temperature used for designing the spring support has changed in the operation, is there a way to change the spring hanger without getting a new one?

May 16, 2014

A temperature change would mean a change in movement, which may or may not need a new spring hanger. If the travel does not take the spring out of its operating range, then you would not have to change anything. However, if it does, then the spring will need to be replaced.

How does putting two spring in series reduce the spring rate?

Putting two springs in a series makes a longer spring and reduces the spring rate by a function of how much longer the overall coil is made, whereas putting them in parallel does not change the spring rate but increases the load capacity.

Is it possible that the rod/spring coming down from the spring support can be welded directly to the pipe in order to support it?

May 9, 2014

It is possible but not recommended. You would lose the flexibility of being able to adjust the spring support height or load capacity.

What is the function of a spring?

The function of a spring is to absorb movement in the pipe caused by thermal and load displacements.

How do I set (load) a spring support?

November 2, 2010

In order to set (load) a spring support, you must ensure that the pipe system is at its cold (installed) state. (All hydro-testing has been completed.) At this point, with variable springs, the lower travel stops should be removed. Adjust the load at the load column of the spring so that a load slightly above the cold load is reached. The remaining travel stops can now be removed. Note: Excessive force should not be required to remove the travel stops at this time.

See Video on How to Remove Travel Stops from a Variable.

What are the sizes of spring supports?

For variable springs there are 23 sizes with loads ranging from 50 lb. through 50,000 lb. For constant springs, there are 110 sizes with travel ranging from 1″ to 14″ and loads ranging from 0 lb. to 90,000 lb.

F-Type Variable Springs For A Local Chemical Plant

F-Type Variable Spring Supports

24,500 Lb. Load Ptp- 8 Type C Variable Spring Assemblies
PTP-8 Type C Variable Spring Assemblies

123 100 C Constant Spring Supports With Double Lug Suspension And Chained Travel Stops For An Oil Refinery In Canada 1

Figure 100 C-Type Constant Springs

Constant Springs 5
PTP 100-C Size 84 Constant

How do I remove a spring support?

In order to remove a spring support, first you must ensure that the spring is at its designed cold (installed) position. Next, re-install the travel stop(s) in the support. Then, provide adequate temporary support for the piping system. Once you have adequate support, you can release the load from the spring. Finally, remove the spring support from the piping system.

Variable Spring Support With Travel Stops In Place
Variable Spring Support with Travel Stops in Place

What are spring supports used for?

Spring supports are used to accommodate vertical movement in pipe systems during their thermal deflection cycles.

Variable Spring Supports For A Gas Storage Facility In Abu Dhabi
Variable Springs

What is a variable spring support?

A variable spring support is a pipe support that uses a spring coil (or series of coils) to accommodate pipe movement from the initial (installed) condition to the final (operating) condition of the piping system. For all variable spring supports there must be a difference in load and that load difference will be based upon the spring rate of the coil(s) specified.

Custom Designed Variable Spring Supports With Stainless Steel Slide Plates
Variable Spring Supports