Saddle Support Spring Isolators for an Old Steam Chest Saddle

November 21, 2023

Saddle Support Spring Isolators Designed For An Old Steam Chest Saddle

PT&P custom-designed and fabricated "saddle support spring isolators" to replace the previous springs originally designed in 1974 for supporting an old steam chest saddle at a chlor-alkali chemical plant. Chlor-alkali plants use salt and electricity to produce caustic soda and chlorine gas. Downstream, the chlorine gas – either wet or optionally dry – can be reacted in a chemical process to produce bleach, other chlorine derivatives, or chemical feed stocks finding its way into the production of glass, plastics, pulp, paper, textiles, vinyl, antiseptics, insecticides, and a water treatment agent and in some soaps and detergents. Rising demand for chlorine and caustic soda in various industries such as automotive, pharmaceuticals, paper, and chemicals are driving the chlor-alkali market. Due to improvements in the manufacture of spring coils, PT&P’s engineering team suggested improvements to the original design using a more well-suited design that exceeds the original design specifications. These saddle supports include PTFE, 25% glass-filled slide plates bonded to the top of the assembly. They are designed to support up to 32,000 lb. each with a 6,250 lb/in. spring rate. These springs do not have the traditional spring housing typically used to encase the spring coil, instead, they are fabricated utilizing carbon steel plates in conjunction with chains and internal components. See diagram below. Ptp Spring Isolators Plain Diagram 161917

The spring coils are alloy steel and were custom designed per this customer’s specified wire dia, active/total coils, and solid height. The spring supports were load tested and a quality control inspection was completed that included MAG Particle Inspection. PT&P can replace existing custom variable spring supports using the original design drawings from plants built more than 50 years ago. PT&P can also reverse engineer any spring hanger by taking detailed measurements of the support in the field and sending the information back to our shop for a quick lead time during a plant turnaround or shutdown. Many of the custom spring supports that PT&P has supplied to replace original equipment have been in service for more than 40 years.


Customization Addendum for Spring Supports (PT&P’s Pipe Supports Catalog)

July 3, 2019

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CUSTOMIZATION: Spring Supports

Unparalleled Customization from Unmatched Manufacturing Capabilities

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Producing the broadest set of customization options with minimal impact on delivery timeframes.


  • Stainless Steel
  • Chromoly
  • Super Alloys (Hastelloy, INCOLOY®, Inconel, Monel 400…)

Stainless Steel Constant Spring Supports
Stainless Steel Constant Spring Supports for an Oil Refinery in the Virgin Islands

Monel 400 Clamps
Monel 400 Clamps


  • Galvanized (Standard)
  • Paint / Primer
  • Paint over Galvanized
  • Red Oxide
  • Neoprene Coating

Big Tons Spring
Big Tons w/ 3-Coat Urethane Paint, Cadmium Plated Components & Fluorocarbon Coating

Variable Spring Supports Designed For A Furnace Application In Oklahoma
Variable Springs with Red Oxide Primer Designed for a Furnace Application


The size can be optimized to specific dimension requirements, and customized to fit in restricted spacing.

Nano Constant Drawing
Nano Constant – The Worlds Only Size-Optimized Constant Spring

Custom “Mini” Big Ton Spring Supports Designed For A Centrifugal Fan
Custom “Mini” Big Ton Spring Supports Designed for a Centrifugal Fan in a Chemical Refinery


We can supply spring supports with custom load capabilities of
800,000 lb. + loads.

Load Adjustment

Standard is +/- 10%, but we can customize up to +/- 60% Load Adjustment)

600,000 Lb. Load Mega Ton Spring Support With Bronzphite® Slide Plates
600,000 lb. Load Mega Ton Spring Support with Bronzphite® Slide Plates

Big Ton Constant Supports Designed With Bronzphite® Slide Plates For Oil Refinery In China
187,393 lb. Load Big Ton Constants with Bronzphite® Slide Plates


Standard is +/- 10%, but we can customize up to +/- 60% Load Adjustment)

Travel Stops

We can provide wire or chained travel stops.

Ptp Constant Load Hanger
Constant Spring Support w/ 46” of Movement

Variable Spring Supports For A Gas Storage Facility
Variable Spring Supports with Chained Travel Stops

Sensors for Remote Monitoring

We can provide sensors on spring supports to monitor the conditions remotely, and give warning alerts whenever a support does not perform as it should.

Smart Spring Sensor Smart Spring Design Concept (2)

Unparalleled Customization from Unmatched Manufacturing Capabilities

PT&P has developed a unique approach to its manufacturing operation that produces the broadest set of customization options with minimal impact to delivery timeframes. Most producers operate as smaller scale steel fabricators or highly standardized mass production organizations. PT&P is the only organization that is set up for both scales with over 500 production employees, customization capabilities, and artisan manufacturing skills. For example, PT&P is the only Major Global Supplier of both Expansion Joints and Engineered Pipe Supports. This unmatched manufacturing technique was achieved through proprietary systems, a highly engineered approach to manufacturing, and incorporating 10+ Industrial Engineers in the production operation.

Manufacturing Approach for Pipe Support/Expansion Joint Manufacturers

Steel Fabricator (Owner/Operator) Mass Production PT&P Mass Customization
Machinery Simple Scale Scale and Artisan
Advanced Skills (e.g. TIG welding Inconel) Varies Limited Yes
Systems Limited For Mass Production Advanced Systems allow Management of Complexity
Customization/Flexibility High Low High
Short Turnaround Yes No Yes
Scale Low High High
Outsourced Offshore No Yes No
Engineering Knowledge Low Medium High
Ability to Manage Contamination Across Materials ? No Yes
Breadth of Product Line Medium Low/Medium Large
Target Customer ? Major EPCs All


Which standards are used when designing Constant Spring hangers?

May 16, 2014

Our constant support hangers are designed per MSS, ANSI, and ASME standards.

Do Type E variable springs have 2 rods?

January 25, 2013

No, one rod goes all the way through the can and attaches onthe top.

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200 E Type Horizontal Constant Spring Supports

Tension (Pigtail) Spring Supports

November 19, 1993
Tension (Pigtail) Spring Supports
Tension (Pigtail) Spring Supports

This picture above shows tension springs being prepared to support furnace tubes in a refinery reformer. The bottom picture shows one of the five springs the customer specified have a displacement scale attached, so operators can observe the inches of movement when the spring is expanded. These springs were part of a package of materials prepared for shipment to an overseas site by Piping Technology & Products, Inc. of Houston, TX. Our customers use spring coils to support loads from a few pounds to 100,000 pounds so they come in many sizes.

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